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Apple Developer Site Hacked And Compromised
By Alex Mazariegos
Jul 24, 2013 - 2:50:14 PM

Message on the Developer site.
UNITED STATES—The Apple Developer site was hacked and possibly compromised on Thursday, July 18, which prompted the technology giant to pull down the site for maintenance justifications.


In an email sent to developers, Apple wrote on the breach, stating that “an intruder attempted to secure personal information” off their developer website. The company is “completely overhauling [their] developer systems, updating [their] server software, and rebuilding [their] entire database” in order to forbid another security breach scenario.


Close to 275,000 third-party developers are registered with the Developer Center. These developers are then allowed to create apps for iPhones and iPads.


Apple has been heavily criticized by developers and security experts for its slow response to the situation; the company waited three days before informing developers of the breach.


Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish security researcher, has stepped forward claiming to be the individual behind the hack. The intention behind the breach, he purports, was to demonstrate an apparent flaw in Apple's system. His Twitter feed is flooded with stills of the alleged hack as evidence of his role in the breach. He had also posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how he allegedly exploited the leak; the video has since been taken down. According to Balic, the flawed security structure of the website permitted him to acquire information on more than 10,000 individuals.


The security researcher has contacted Apple about the security breach.


Reports of some users receiving password resets on their Apple Ids have stirred fears of exploitation by hackers; furthermore, others fear of the possibility of apps being compromised in this latest security breach.


As of press time, the website is still down.

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