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New Jersey Teen Switches iPhone Network
By Kerri Krueger
Aug 25, 2007 - 9:32:45 PM

New Jersey Teen Switches iPhone Network

By Kerri Krueger


NEW YORK ”“ Apple’s new iPhone has encountered another issue. Apparently, the phone can be “unlocked” and used on network other than AT&T as a teen from New Jersey found out on August 24.


George Hotz, a 17-year old from a town in New Jersey has unlocked the iPhone as has said that he is currently using his on the T-Mobile cellular network, which is the only network other than AT&T that can handle toe technology involved with the new Apple gadget. Hotz said that he had worked with four other people, two if which were based in Russia.
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This new development has not become a major happening in the U.S. (the only country where the iPhone is sold) but it does leave behind the idea that the phone could possible be unlocked and rigged to work on cellular networks overseas.


“The hack is complicated and uses skill with soldering and software,” said Hotz. “It takes around two hours to do.” Hotz revealed the juicy details in his on-line blog, which has raised questions of companies buying iPhones and unlocking them in order to increase sales overseas.


The adaptations and modifications made on the phone leave all of the normal functions working, except for the visual voicemail feature which shows voicemail messages and incoming e-mail messages. “I wish I could have made the instructions simpler, but that’s the simplest I could make them.” Hotz said.

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