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Polaroid, Instagram Come Together In 2014
By Alice Perez
Jul 13, 2013 - 7:05:38 PM

The best of both worlds come together in 2014.
UNITED STATES—In this day and age we all take snapshots of our everyday lives, from a night out on the town to getting a new member in the family to you digging in to a delicious and photo-worthy meal. Yes, we all hate it but secretly love it, seeing the photos of your closest friends, family, and strangers who know how to take quality photos all on our favorite photo-sharing app Instagram.


In 2010, Instagram revolutionized how we take photos with our smart phones and in 2014 it will do it again with their new Socialite Instagram Polaroid Camera expected to be released early 2014. What better camera combines Instagram and Polaroid to create the Socialite Instagram Polaroid Camera that will carry the Polaroid brand? The Socialite is a 16 GB square camera with a 4-inch-wide screen that is an Instagram look-alike to its iconic logo with its brown top, rainbow lines and round black lens. The camera comes in two colors: an original look and raven black. The photos themselves print out a sleek, shiny, pocket-sized photo a trademark of the Polaroid Instant Cameras. Andre 3000 sang it best “shake, shake, shake like a Polaroid picture.”


The Socialite will feature built-in Wi-Fi and Zink printer. Users can easily sync their photos from their Facebook or Instagram accounts and choose from one of the many of Instagram’s retro filters to match your sense of style. All you got to do now is point, snap, and print instantly.


But will young adults give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? I asked two Instagram users, one avid and one new user, what they thought of the Socialite Instagram Polaroid Camera. Kimberly Andres, 23, from Downey said, “I guess the idea itself is pretty cool, but there is already a separate site that allows Instagram users to purchase multiple prints at a fair price. Whereas, if you were to buy the camera, you’d be looking at having to invest money each time after the film runs out.”


Vanessa Marquez, 23, from San Diego said, “The Instagram camera is awesome I love the idea of it but I don't know if I'd actually buy it because I'm not big on taking photos.” Depending on who you ask people agree that the Socialite is a good concept bringing both Polaroid and Instagram together. We will just have to see come next year what consumers think about the new camera and if it’s a thumbs up or down with Instagrammers and Polaroid aficionados.

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