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iVerdict: Was the iPhone Hype Warranted?
By Hayley Owen
Jul 15, 2007 - 1:41:00 PM

iVerdict: Was the iPhone hype warranted?

Did you get the new iPhone?  The much anticipated apple product arrived newarly two weeks ago with mass appeal.   The Sherman Oaks Apple Store had a line of over 200 iPhone fans. 

This phone is perhaps the most anticipated electronic to hit stores and the hype was largely due to Apple’s code of secrecy.  The Sherman Oaks Apple store added to the suspense by closing their doors on Friday and blacking out all of the windows until the 6pm product release.

So what is the verdict, has the iPhone fulfilled our hopes and dreams?   Has all the hype been warranted? Apparently it has. 

The reviews have been stellar and proud iPhone parents have been busy in the short weeks getting to know their new baby.  But this may just be a honeymoon phase.  Give users a few months and I’m sure Apple will have a full suggestion box. 

So far users have reported that the interface is simple, but the thumb boarding might take a little time to get used to.  Pictures and files drag in real time with few reports of lagging and the brightview makes fingerprints and smudges unnoticeable. But, using your phone as an iPod could drain the battery limiting it's capacity as a phone.  Also, the camera doesn’t have a zoom feature and the resolution leaves something to be desired.  Only time will tell if Apple has really satisfied its consumers—and by then, I’m sure a new and improved iPhone will be on the way.

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