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A “Scandal” Above The Rest
Posted by LaDale Anderson on May 25, 2013 - 5:50:12 AM

HOLLYWOOD—There are such a multitude of series on network TV nowadays it’s difficult to watch all of them. Over the past few weeks I have been hearing numerous rumblings about the ABC series “Scandal.”  The name is one that I’ve heard quite a few times in the previous months, but last Thursday it hit a fever pitch. The buzz surrounding the series second season finale was epic. It was the water cooler of conversation at work and almost every place I turned.


So, I had to ask myself “What’s the big deal?” My interest had been peaked so I decided to watch the second season finale, note: I had never watched an episode of the series, but I was informed if you like a great mystery with twists and turns this is the show for you and was it ever. 

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washingon) on "Scandal."


The thing about Shonda Rhimes drama is it’s a political thriller. If you’re not a fan of politics it may be difficult to get around all of the political jargon that is thrown between characters at times, particularly from Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). Washington is phenomenal in the series, if this woman does not garner an Emmy nomination for lead actress it will indeed be one of the biggest snubs of all time. Olivia in everyday terms is a ”˜fixer;’ she and her team have the ability to fix problems that can get people in the government in big trouble. 


Trust me these people are very good at what they do. Even more important they have been pushed to do things some would find disturbing; just ask Billy Chambers who was revealed to be the mole. That was a twist that people were talking about for days; more important was the person who was working besides him, David Rosen (Joshua Malina). But things aren’t always what they appear to be as its revealed that David was working alongside Olivia and her crew the entire time. Olivia does have close protectors on her side with the assistance of the White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) whose work also warrants an Emmy nomination. 


He is 100% dedicated to protecting the President even willing to kill to protect him. Cyrus has a strong connection to First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) whom he respects.  For her to stand besides her husband, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) who is carrying on an affair with Olivia Pope is courageous. Deep down its obvious his fling disturbs her, but she paints a good face, but I have a feeling that it was perhaps Mellie who leaked the info to the press about her husband’s affair. Her husband is a womanizer; not afraid of throwing his presidency away if the news was to leak. He has an ego that is larger than what anyone could imagine, which is likely to be his and Olivia’s biggest downfall. Remember “No one on top stays there forever.”

A tense moment on "Scandal."


It was indeed an announcement that Olivia did not expect during the final moments of the season finale that saw her being ushered into a limousine by”¦surprise her dad! It’s a stunning twist, as it appears Olivia’s father attempted to have her murdered, but naval officer Jake Ballard saved Pope’s life before he found himself being locked away in a dungeon. Why in the world would a father want to kill his own daughter? This is an interesting twist that will indeed be addressed in season three I hope.


The writing for the series is so juicy it’s hard to believe the buzz behind this series is not more massive than what it has become in the recent weeks, but this is clever, genius writing. Rhimes has a sleuth of strong female characters, something lacking on television these days, as well as male counterparts that equally go toe-to-toe with each other. This is an adult series with some risqué sex scenes that have had viewers talking the day after the episode. “Scandal” is a series that has progressively gotten better with each episode, unlike most series that start strong and slowly degrading over multiple seasons. “Scandal” is not to be missed; the political drama airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. Be patient, season three is on its way!


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.