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“Big Brother” Returns With New Hopefuls
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Jun 26, 2014 - 7:23:20 PM

HOLLYWOOD—This is indeed my biggest guilty pleasure of all-time. When it comes to reality television, nothing has me hooked like the craziness of CBS’ “Big Brother.” Last season was a complete disaster with all the racism, homophobia and just painfully awful behavior from most of the contestants. Let’s thank the powers that be, none of those contestants return in an all-stars season.

Speaking of all-stars, there was so much speculation running rampant on the Internet that season 16 might turn out to be the long-awaited all-stars that fans have been begging for. Unfortunately, it’s not happening in this cycle. Fingers crossed that season 17 will deliver an all-stars season; I mean we haven’t had one since season 7.


Season 16 of the reality hit, will place 16 contestants in the lockdown for the next three months as they compete for the $500,000 prize. Like all seasons, there are some surprises expected along the way. Host Julie Chen revealed last week, that for the first time ever, there will be two Head or Households each week. That means four houseguests will be up for eviction each week. Sounds twisted right? It is.

The guys of "Big Brother 16."


An even bigger twist was the revelation that just because you’re HOH doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe. A new game known as battle of the block could place the HOH in jeopardy each week. I must admit this is a welcome change, where the power dynamics will always be in question. I’ll tell you what; the game would be extremely interesting to play if the series resorted to the dynamics of “Big Brother 2.” There was a HOH, but no veto to save yourself if you were on the block. The game was completely social, which means it would be a difficult strategy for most contestants to save themselves in my opinion if nominated.


The newest cycle premiered on June 25 with a two-night premiere where audiences were teased with the level of twists expected this season. The house is apparently being divided; on Wednesday, the first eight houseguests entered the house and competed for the first HOH challenge. On Thursday, the other eight contestants entered the compound and competed for the second HOH challenge.


We got introduced to Paola, a DJ from New York, Donny, a groundskeeper with a bread that will surprise many, soccer player Cody, the brother of pop star Ariana Grande, Frankie Grande (he seems like a contestant to watch for his social game), Amber, the country girl, Nicole, the quirky girl from Michigan, Devin, the former MLB player and Joey, the make-up artist from Seattle. They’ve already named their alliance, the Crazy8’s. They’ve already formed side alliances.

The first twist Julie revealed that the HOH is not safe this season, which left the contestants reeling. Frankie became the first HOH of the summer, which left him unnerved, where it was revealed that by the end of the week only one HOH would be standing from the two competing Head of Households. An interesting twist this season is Team America, which allows the viewers to interactively get in on the “BB” chaos. Think “BB15,” but with even more power to create a three member secret alliance that will work together to affect the game throughout the summer.

Can’t wait to see what transpires once the rest of the houseguests arrive in the compound. “Big Brother 16” airs Sundays, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m.


Cliffside Malibu




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