“Breaking Bad” Ends On A Shocking Note!
By LaDale Anderson
Sep 29, 2013 - 7:52:09 PM

Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston).
—Avid fans have known about the impending series finale for months now, but no one could have predicted the ending that was delivered Sunday night.  After nearly 62 episodes, all good things came to an end and so did “Breaking Bad.”  I have never anticipated a series finale as much as I did for this series. MAJOR SPOILERS are below, so stop reading if you have not watched the series finale!!!! WALTER WHITE IS DEAD!


The episode titled “Felina” was a bloodbath to say the least. The episode opened with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) inside of a vehicle that isn’t his and his attempt to get the vehicle started, with the cops on his trail.  The flashing sirens were enough to send any fan into a complete frenzy.  Walt made a phone call to Susan of Grey Matter to set-up a meeting with Gretchen and Elliott. Looks like a bit of revenge is in play for the people who scolded the genius behind the company and the meeting between Walt, Gretchen and Elliott was shocking to say the least.  The married couple was at a loss for words to see their old pal who had a gift he planned to give them. 


He informed his counterparts that he would be delivering a trust to his son Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) and Holly because its drug money that he is unable to deliver to his own family. To see his former business partners so afraid of a guy who didn’t have a weapon in hand is a testament to the fear that Heisenberg shakes into people. The shocking moment came when the red targets were placed on both Gretchen and Elliott; it was a reminder that he is still watching them even from beyond the grave. Classic! It almost appeared though as if Walt was foreshadowing his death; perhaps a ”˜death’ that didn’t truly happen.


When he discovered from Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) friends that blue meth was still being made, he was not at all pleased.  Little does he know that Jesse is being forced to make the product by Todd (Jesse Plemmons) and Lydia (Laura Fraser)? A flashback scene revealed Jesse at a happier moment, but reality smacked him in the face. It’s disheartening to see his character working like a slave.  Just as Walt celebrated another miserable birthday; has this guy ever had a happy b-day?


Remember when we saw Walt return to his abandoned home in the episode “Blood Money” to retrieve that vile of ricin, well now we know its part of his master plan. I had the feeling after Lydia showed up to the coffee shop, that Walt planned to use that ricin in her tea.  God, it was almost painful to watch Walt scare the living daylights out of Lydia and Jesse when he interrupted their secret meeting. He made it very clear to Lydia that he knows her schedule more than she thinks.  He proposed a plan to both parties, but they didn’t by it. Oh, Lydia if you were smart, you would not have drunk that tea; her perception to think she’s smarter than everyone else is her downfall.  That was indeed clever for Walt to rig her sugar packet with the drug.


In the middle of the desert, Walt begins to implement his latest plan for vengeance which involved some high powered weaponry. Skyler (Anna Gunn) sat desolate in her residence; she was surprised to hear from Marie (Betsy Brandt) that Walt was back in town. Skyler didn’t seem too disturbed by the news, almost relieved to hear that her hubby is still breathing. “What the hell!” Walt was already standing right in front of his wife.  She revealed to Walt that she was threatened at their home and he informed his wife that she has no reason to worry about any threats. He gave his wife a lottery ticket and asked her to call the district attorney. The numbers on the ticket were a representation for a coordinate site for the bodies of Hank and Gomez and he plans to avenge their death.  Walt is indeed a good guy, doing everything in his power to protect his wife from taking the fall for his actions.


“I like it. I was good at it,” said Walt. He finally admitted everything he did was because it gave him a sense of purpose.  It was something he was good at.  From a distance, Walt watched Flynn come home from school.  It was indeed a heartbreaking moment, as I was secretly hoping the father and son would get the opportunity to patch up their relationship before the end.


The moment audiences have been waiting for since the stunning “Ozymandias” episode finally took place as Walt made his entrance to Todd and Jack’s headquarters.  Jack’s men are indeed paranoid to say the least. Jack was ready to take out Walt, but found himself offended by the idea that Walt presumed he was working alongside Jesse.  I knew Jack had planted something in his car and his car keys were the trigger to something explosive. 


Walt was forced to come face-to-face with a shabby looking Jesse who was almost identical to him.  Walt tackling Jesse was the smartest thing ever!  I thought he was just unleashing some anger, it was Walt’s way of ensuring Jesse’s survival! Damn Heisenberg is a genius!  Unfortunately, Todd was spared his life, but not before Jesse decided to strangle his captor to death. It was indeed one of the most gratifying deaths on television.  The sociopath finally got what was coming to him, well done Jesse. Walt put a bullet into Jack as he begged for his life in exchange for the location to Walt’s money; goes to prove that money is not the most important thing to Walt. 


Jesse feared for his life, as Walt held the gun in hand, he then slid the gun to Jesse asking him to take him out. A camera shot revealed Walt had already been shot; Jesse decided to force Walt to take his own life.  Just as Lydia called Todd to ensure the job was complete, she discovered that Walt was one step ahead of her. She was stunned to discover that he had poisoned her. The mastermind discovered someone had pulled something over her. The final glance between Jesse and Walt said it all; they were both at peace with one another.  They called a truce.  Jesse was finally FREE of the hell that he has been living for so long. 


The final moments saw Walt inside the meth lab, as the authorities arrived on the scene. Walt later died from the gunshot wound to the chest.  He died on his terms; he didn’t allow his cancer to claim him. That was indeed a satisfying end to a truly thrilling series that is a must-see.  I’m ecstatic to see Jesse survive, but secretly inside I was rooting for Walt to survive, but in the end the villain has to pay for his actions. Will there ever be another series like “Breaking Bad” on television. Not in a million years, but Vince Gilligan thank you for giving TV lovers five fantastic years of a series that has changed the landscape of drama. “Breaking Bad” you will be missed!

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