“Breaking Bad” Recap: ”˜Buried”™
By LaDale Anderson
Aug 20, 2013 - 7:38:14 PM

HOLLYWOOD—It was very obvious that Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) decision to throw loads of cash around town made quite a few residents very happy in episode 10 “Buried.”  One greedy old man stumbled upon Jesse’s vehicle loaded with the bags of cash, as Jesse had a ride on popular playground toy; mind wandering in a million different places. His character is beyond lost at this point, proving that guilt can eat away at a person’s conscience.


Walter (Bryan Cranston) and Hank (Dean Norris) have appeared to come to an agreement for now, but I fear before the season concludes one of them will indeed die. Skyler (Anna Gunn) avoided Hank’s plea to speak with her, as he made a desperate plea to get into contact with his wife. Her meeting was with her brother-in-law Hank who consoled his agonizing relative.  It appears Hank is spreading the word about Walter, but little does he know that Skyler was well aware of Walter’s intentions. Hank’s attempt to get Skyler to spill the beans about Walter in a public place caused her to fret a bit.


Hank concerned about his stash had his men move the money from the storage warehouse. He then drove to the middle desert to do some digging to hide the money. Walter is a smart guy, but will he divulge details to anyone on the money’s location? Skyler was a complete mess when Marie (Betsy Brandt) stopped by her home to discuss the recent news involving Walter.  Marie unleashed a slap to her sister’s face, but not before she attempted to take Skyler’s daughter, which prompted her sister to go into defense mode.  Hank was able to lower the walls between the two siblings; it appears Walter’s antics are indeed tearing a family apart.

Skyler questioned Hank about hiding the money and pleaded with him that she hasn’t said a word about anything, just before he collapsed on the bathroom floor.  Could it be that Walter White’s cancer is indeed the one tool that will end his life? It was indeed a tender moment between the married couple and it looks like his cancer will bring the couple back together.

Walter (Bryan Cranston) finding a safe place for his money.


Lydia met with the distributors in an attempt to generate more income; looks like greed could become this woman’s downfall. It is indeed a deadly sin for a reason.  A bevy of gunfire transpired as Lydia hid safely within the meth lab. She was surprised to see Todd (Jesse Plemons).  For Lydia to be someone so driven by money, the pure sight of violence unnerves her. 


Marie (Betsy Brandt) begged Hank to turn in the info on Walter White and risk his career at the same time; he’s grappling with a difficult decision.  Jesse was questioned by police for his reasoning for throwing millions of dollars around Albuquerque.  No luck for the authorities because he didn’t mentioned a word.  He was in a virtual comatose state of mind. He was lost, confused and zoned out. 


Hank convinced authorities to allow him to speak with Jesse in hopes of getting him to talk, but as he entered the room, the episode concluded. “NO!” We have to wait until next week to see what transpires “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts! Why the torture?

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