Classic Television Shows To Become Comics
By Luis Cuevas
Jul 3, 2013 - 1:24:43 AM

HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, July 2, NBC Universal announced their current project surrounding several television shows from the 80s and 90s. They plan to revive them by releasing them as digital comics later this year.

"Knight Rider"


NBC Universal looks to team with digital publisher Lion Forge Comics to develop these licensed comic books. The comics would be inspired directly from these television shows and Lion Forge would pen and publish the digital comic books.


“Airwolf," “Knight Rider,” “Miami Vice," “Punky Brewster" and “Saved By The Bell” would be some of the notable shows. Well know writers such as Joelle Sellner who has worked on “Teen Titans” and “Jackie Chan Adventures,” Jonathan London “Geekscape,” Geoffrey Thorne “Ben 10” and David Gorden “Catalyst Prime: Accel" will play pivotal roles.


The comics are to be distributed for quarter three and quarter four in 2013. They will be available on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s The Nook Book Store and Kobo.


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