“Cougar Town” Is Back
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 5, 2013 - 2:53:19 PM

HOLLYWOOD—It’s the quirky series that I stumbled upon a few year’s back and instantly loved it at first sight.  For those of you still attempting to guess what I’m talking about it’s the hit comedy “ Cougar Town.”  For those audiences still fans of the comedy underdog, it third season aired on ABC, but was so inconsistent that it lost a big majority of its audience.  But great news for fans of the series the show returns on January 8 on TBS.  That’s right “ Cougar Town” is on cable now, which means the envelope can be pushed a tad bit more than network television.

Cast of "Cougar Town"


A refresher for the newbies not familiar with the series, it follows Jules (Courteney Cox), a real-estate agent who mingles with her exclusive circle of pals that include Ellie (Christa Miller), Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Andy (Ian Gomez).  She has finally found happiness with neighbor Grayson (Josh Hopkins); the couple tied the knot at the end of season three.  That hasn’t stopped Jules from keeping in touch with her ex-husband Bobby (Travis Van Holt) and keeping a watchful eye on her college bound son Travis (Dan Byrd).   Travis and Laurie have flirted quite often throughout the series, but it looks like in season four their relationship as just friends will go to the next level.


Jules is likely to continue to overanalyze every single situation she finds herself in; especially knowing that Grayson has a daughter.  I wonder if she’s thinking about having another baby now that she’s married.  I can only imagine the hi-jinks there.  Cougar Town” is one of the most underrated comedies on television; it’s so funny I can’t believe more people aren’t watching the series.  How often can you watch a comedy without a laugh track and nearly fall from your couch in tears?  Not often.  New episodes of “ Cougar Town” begin airing on TBS on Tuesday, January 8 at 10 p.m.  I’ll be watching will you?

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