“Dancing All-Star” Sent Packing
By LaDale Anderson
Sep 25, 2012 - 8:28:55 PM

HOLLYWOOD—“Dancing With the Stars” kicked off its 15th season with a show unlike any other; a group of all-stars from previous seasons fighting for the coveted mirror ball trophy.  One would expect tons of talent to light the dance floor on fire. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Many of the returning stars were almost just as rusty as when they danced in previous seasons. 

Tristan Macmanus and Pamela Anderson.


Kelly Monaco, the first champion of the series, had not danced for nearly seven years and in my opinion had a powerful rendition of the cha cha cha: a dance she never learned during her season.  In my opinion, one of the best dancers of the night was Gilles Marini and his partner Peta; their foxtrot was near perfection in my eyes.  It was elegant, bold and smooth as butter, but they only scored a 24.  The couple in the current lead is Emmitt Smith and his partner Cheryl with a 24.5.  In case I forgot to mention, the judges have chosen to offer ½ points this season.  What a game changer? 


The judges were a bit tougher on scoring this season; its all-stars we’re talking about, so if you don’t bring your A-game, expect not so pleasant scores. Pam Anderson found that out as she scored a dismal 17 points.  Not too far behind was Bristol Palin with a meek 19 points.  Everyone else glided into the middle ranking. After Monday’s show it was obvious this competition was anyone’s game; each past contestant had something to prove or uphold. After a night of voting, our bottom three were Anna & Drew, Mark & Bristol, and Tristan & Pam.


I was secretly hoping that Mark and Bristol would be sent packing, but I had a secret feeling her fans would keep her alive; and they did. So we have season two champ Drew facing off against bombshell Pam. My instinct told me Pam would be sent packing and so there you have it. The bombshell of the season is gone, and as much as it pains me to say this it was the right choice. With all-stars competing for the prize, only the best shall remain in the competition; if you have a bad night, it might be your last time dancing.


My gut instinct is telling me there are more challenges coming the dancers' way this season. Perhaps they’ll switch partners mid-way through the competition or be forced to freestyle without any practice.  Who knows, maybe the public’s vote will not matter one week in the competition? Wait a second, scratch that, there’s no way the series will allow that to happen. My hope is maybe even a past dancer will be thrown into the mix half way. Let’s face it anything can happen this season. 


The Results show needs to be condensed; it’s just way too long. We don’t need a recap of the night before. Anyone who watched knows what happened. I choose rather to watch “New Girl” until the final moments when the cut is announced.  Who do you think will go home next?  Make your guesses and until next Monday dance fanatics!

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