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”¦Dies In Season 6 “True Blood” Finale!
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Aug 19, 2013 - 10:35:45 AM

HOLLYWOOD—As summer comes to an end, so does the summer TV season.  “True Blood” wrapped its season six finale with ”˜Radioactive,’ which saw the shocking death of cast member Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northam or so we think?  More on that later.

The episode opened with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) continuing to build on their relationship. It was almost as if the two were smitten with each other again. They were more shocked to discover vampires roaming in the daylight.  It made Alcide fearful for Sookie’s survival, but Sookie being Sookie, she was not concerned in the least. Her concern for her brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) was in full-force after seeing a Violet feeding on her sibling. She then began kissing Sookie who was in a bit of a daze; I was hoping she would go all crazy and start using her faerie powers.


Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) were ecstatic to reunite with Sookie, who seemed a bit aloof to all that was happening around her.  Bill (Stephen Moyer) appeared a bit distant; I’m thinking he realizes he may have made a grave mistake by feeding other vampires Warlow’s (Rob Kazinsky) blood. Warlow was indeed enamored with spending eternity with his faerie friend.  He snapped and violently attacked Sookie, I have a feeling things will turn bad for Warlow before the episode wraps and indeed I was correct.


Pam revealed to Tara that she is going to go search for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), which pissed off Tara. Can you blame her, Eric is indeed her maker.  The surprise was that was the last time the audience saw Pam, so is she gone for good? Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) showed her concern for Bill, who has finally returned to his self minus Lilith.  He showed some emotion for Sookie and Jessica forced him to chase after her to protect her from becoming a vampire. Jason was not too pleased to learn about Sookie’s predicament.


Jason paid Andy (Chris Bauer) a visit in hopes of using his daughter to help locate Sookie before it’s too late. Andy was absolutely against the idea, but luckily for Jason Adelaide was willing to help. Thank God, someone finally thought for once and they came prepared with ammunition and everything needed to stop the duplicitous villain.  Warlow’s dark side emerged thanks to Sookie’s tactics. “I was literally on the edge of my seat, like I was watching a movie.”  Save Sookie before it’s too late!  Bill went toe-to-toe with Warlow and rescued Sookie in the nic of time from the faerie planet. Violet is not that bad after all, she came to Sookie and Jason’s rescue at the right time, and to think I wanted her to bite the dust. Warlow appeared to outsmart everyone, just as Bill attempted to enter the Stackhouse premises. 

Adelaide used her powers to help Andy and Jason escape, just as Sookie used the portal in their bathroom to allow Grandpa Niall to nab Warlow, as Jason delivered him the true death.  The vamps soon discovered their essence of Warlow disappear as Eric suffered the true death! 


That is one death that I did not see happening.  To see the series take out such a pivotal character was unexpected.  The episode flashed forward six months later, which found Bill talking on television about a new epidemic. Whoa, Sookie and Alcide are now a couple!  Since season three, it appeared the duo may reunite, but whoever expected it!


The entire town of Bon Temps was tested at church to see if they were carriers to some new disease being spread by infected vampires. Pastor Daniels did his best to reunite the community to fight against unknown forces.  Sam (Sam Trammell) preached about the Hepatitis B virus that has been prevalent thanks to infected vampires, but those not infected could help the human race.  He asked for citizens to feed from a healthy vampire to keep themselves safe; looks like vampires and humans have to work together rather they want to or not.  Tara found herself being forced to reunite with her mother, who asked for forgiveness. It was a heartfelt moment for Tara who has had hatred for her mother for years.  Her mother then asked Tara to feed off her; of course, there had to be a reason her mother was being so nice.


Jessica showed up at Andy’s doorstep in hopes of offering protection.  With gun in hand, he was ready to deliver the final blow.  She had a peace offering to the tortured father, who refused her offer.  Poor Jess, she appears so lost without Bill around.  Bill was not too pleased to see Sookie and Alcide together. The final moments of the episode saw a group of bloody invested vampires descending upon the residents of Bon Temps at the outdoor shin dig.  Things do not look good.  With Eric out of the picture, what will happen to Pam and where is she?  How about Jessica?  So much has changed in six months, I’m curious as to where the series will go from here.  Guess we’ll have to wait till summer 2014 to find out “True Blood” lovers!


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.