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"Glee" Recap: 'Feud'
Posted by Ivetta Babadjanian on Mar 15, 2013 - 9:23:32 AM

HOLLYWOOD—The latest episode of "Glee," "Feud," had a number of characters going head-to-head as they attempted to battle out their problems through song.

In Lima, the glee club students were tired of the passive aggressive behavior going on between Will (Mathew Morrison) and Finn (Corey Monteith). Thus, they decided to give the two leaders an assignment of their own so they could hash out their problems and move on to focus on the upcoming Regionals competition.
Blaine (Darren Criss, Will (Mathew Morrison)and Jake (Jacob Artist) perform N'SYNC's "Bye Bye Bye."

Will decided to perform N'SYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" so Finn went for a song from the boy band's head competition from back in the day, "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Although Finn's voice went well with his song selection, Will definitely won the performance as his choreography and props mimicking N'SYNC's music video blew Finn's performance out of the water. Sadly, Will still couldn't trust Finn after his impromptu kiss with his fiance. Some things even a Justin Timberlake hit can't fix.

Finn was heartbroken and decided to leave McKinley High to get out of Will's way, per his request. Marley
(Melissa Benoist) thanks Finn for all that he did for her after she fainted on stage at Sectionals and frankly tells him to grow a pair. It was funny to see the normally sweet girl being so blunt but her words rang true as Finn was going to run away from his problems yet again. She encourages him to do what he's obviously good at, teach, and to go get a teaching degree. Since the beginning, being a teacher was always the best career choice for Finn as he was always a great leader and loves to help those around him.

Ryder (Blake Jenner) finds himself in the middle of two feuds as he refuses to call Unique (Alex Newell) a girl and his past feud continues with friend Jake (Jacob Artist) for kissing his girlfriend, Marley. Unique duets the songs "The Bitch Is Back" and "Dress You Up" with Artie (Kevin McHale) to make her feelings known to Ryder. It takes him awhile to come to terms that despite not fully understanding Unique's situation, he was friends with her and would address her anyway she wanted him to.

Ryder came to this realization after spending a lot of time talking to his recent online friend, Katie, who he may be developing feelings for although he's never met her. It bares the question when they do actually meet, which may not happen since she dodges any confrontation, is his new friend really who she says she is or will it be a "Catfish" occurrence for Ryder?

Ryder, Marley, Jake, Unique and even Kitty (Becca Tobin) end up bonding in an incredibly cheesy scene as they decide to make their bond closer in order to continue the glee club's legacy in the coming years. They perform Tegan and Sara's "Closer," a catchy song that nicely reflected the group's recent bonds of friendship.

The greatest battle had to be between Blaine (Darren Criss) and Coach Sue (Jane Lynch). Apparently, Sue forged Blaine's signature on a contract that forcing him to continue being a cheerleader despite having quit a while back after joining the team due to glee club's short break-up. Blaine challenges Sue to a sing-off and they decide to recreate the famous celebrity feud between Nicki Minaj and Maria Carey.

Blaine does a beautiful job singing Mariah's "I Still Believe" since none of his performances have been anything short of amazing. Coach Sue, however, did a performance that "Glee" fans will not be forgetting anytime soon. Sue wore a pink leopard print outfit, a long blonde wig and proceeded to rap to Nicki's "Super Bass." If her rapping wasn't enough, she had confetti and cheerleaders and back-up dancers in order to fully upstage Blaine. The glee students voted Sue as the winner, forcing Blaine to be on the Cheerios.

The twist, however, is the fact that Blaine and Sam (Chord Overstreet) had planned the whole thing and wanted Blaine to be on the team in order to get inside information to destroy Sue once and for all. It'll be interesting to see what this duo will have up their sleeve for McKinley High's most epic villain.

Back in New York, Rachel (Lea Michele) is relieved to find out that she is not in fact pregnant after going to see a doctor. Santana (Naya Rivera) is still trying to persuade Rachel that her current boyfriend, Brody (Dean Geyer), is nothing but bad news but Rachel refuses to hear any of it. Turns out that Santana is right yet wrong at the same time. Brody isn't a drug dealer as she thought, but much worse as he is moonlighting as a giglo in order to pay off his NYADA tuition. His performance of "How To Be a Heartbreaker" is great, as well as the incredible dancing that ensues, but no one will be able to look at Brody the same way after learning about his little secret.

Santana shows up at NYADA and does a sexy and intriguing performance of Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted" to basically let him know that she knows that he's hiding something from Rachel. She later finds out his secret and tells Finn to come to New York where they confront Brody in a motel. After some threats and an epic throwdown, Finn tells Brody to stay away from his future wife. It was an intense scene but it was great to see Finn so passionate.

Some secrets will be discovered in next week's episode, "Guilty Pleasure," which willinclude songs from "Mamma Mia" and the 80's band, Wham.


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