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Gold Standard, Week Of Getting Busted
Posted by Tommy Garrett on Jul 26, 2009 - 4:52:05 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—Each week two or three daytime performers receive the Gold Standard for their acting work on various soap operas on television. This week three performers stood out in my mind.  What sent their performances over the top was simple: each one was busted in some fashion.  "As The World Turns" star, Trent Dawson, "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress Hunter Tylo and "The Young and the Restless" heroine Adrienne Frantz all showcased high drama, intense pain or joy and a dynamic substance as performers that made their characters the highlight of their shows.  Dawson's Henry was busted for being a liar, Tylo's Taylor spent the week one step ahead of her longtime nemesis Brooke and Frantz's Amber was caught in a compromising position with her former lover Deacon. 
Trent Dawson Courtesy: TeleNext TV Prod
The episode on Friday, July 17, on "ATWT" was groundbreaking and the precursor for a great week we just completed in this storyline. The Friday episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum and written by Cheryl L. Davis. The two are under the guidance of Christopher Goutman one of television’s greatest talents and visionaries. As Brad was becoming suspicious of both Henry and Geneva, he warned Henry’s wife Vienna, who arrived at the press conference where Geneva was being offered a position at the local TV station in Oakdale. Just as Geneva was about to accept, Vienna pulled her wig off, exposing her own husband as the alter ego Ms. Geneva Swift.

Trent Dawson’s performance these past weeks as Geneva was so amazing and flawless that many fans like the characters just fell for her charms. Henry’s biggest problem, however, was that he was loving all the attention he got as Geneva and lost track of the fact that he had a life of his own. Dawson has continued to grow as an actor and on “ATWT” he’s proved that he is by far one of the most superior performers in a cast filled with superior talent.

This week started out with the revelation of Henry’s deceit and Brad’s reaction when he found out that his wife Katie had been aware of what his best friend Henry was up to left shockwaves in that marriage. But Dawson’s sincere performance while trying to console his on screen wife Vienna was heartbreaking and in typical Dawson form, hilarious. Trent Dawson’s ability to bring humor to every scene he’s in has become his staple on the series. “ATWT” will surely hit the 60-year mark in grand style as long as Trent Dawson is performing as Henry or as Geneva. He’s got both down to a science.

Hunter Tylo, Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Prod.

Hunter Tylo has many gifts to give the audience as a performer. The obvious is her beauty. Then you scratch past that layer you find a performer who is richly blessed with some of the greatest and most tragic life experiences in which she can often pull from as an actress in order to make her portrayal of Taylor Forrester more multifaceted than the typical leading lady. This week we saw Taylor’s joy, her worry and it culminated into a heart wrenching and warmly written introduction of the Taylor/Ridge love affair to their two children, Thomas and Steffy.

With sexpot Brooke Logan back on the prowl for Ridge, Taylor as any woman with a brain is worried that Ridge may fall under the blond beauty’s spell once again. Taylor has lost Ridge on more than one occasion to Brooke, so has every woman on “B&B.” A recent line delivered with brilliance by Susan Flannery’s Stephanie to Nick and Jackie was, “Of course Whip Jones was married to Brooke. Hasn’t every man over 30 in Los Angeles been married to her?” As funny as that sounds, it’s not far from the truth.

Taylor is a brilliant psychiatrist who never underestimates her longtime competitor. Brooke and Ridge have a rich and sensual back story that helped build the famed “B&B” history. But Taylor also is a confident woman who knows that she’s best for Ridge and so does at least half of the show’s fans. It’s great to see Hunter Tylo play so many varied and vast emotions in one week. Taylor often goes from confident physician and wife, to determined scheming mother to a warm and caring woman who brings a solid force to the Forrester family. Since Hunter Tylo’s original debut on the series, fans have felt a kinship to the beauty. Though she’s far more beautiful than anyone of us who watches and admires her work. She has an ability as a performer to make all of us fans feel like she understands our desires, pain and even dreams. That’s a gift that starts with
Bradley Bell’s writing and is put on the screen by a woman who is a superb performer.

On “The Young and the Restless” we have lots of acting divas. Though none more exciting and dramatic as Adrienne Frantz who embodies the role of Amber Moore. Amber a “B&B” creation by Bradley Bell on “Y&R’s” sister soap is a devilish, sexy, brilliant woman with a heart of gold, but her brain is lacking common sense. Frantz a well-known genius in Hollywood is truly acting when she plays the ditzy blond on “Y&R.” But plays her she does. Amber’s anguish this week when she didn’t know how she’d ever tell Daniel that not only did she know Deacon Sharpe, but had been lovers with him in her past life in Los Angeles was incredible to watch.

Then we saw the great scenes between Sean Kanan as Deacon and Frantz as Amber, and everything we’d waited weeks to see came together in an incredible revelation that fans and Maria Arena Bell had long known but characters in Genoa City were just grasping. Amber’s dangerous and dirty history seems to catch up with the heroine no matter where she goes. She moved from Los Angeles clear across the nation to Wisconsin and as soon as she finally finds love and happiness, the grungy Deacon shows up polished as a fresh new copper penny and is fooling everyone in town, while Amber watches on in horror.

Frantz deserves an Emmy nod for her performance this week. She, Hunter Tylo and Trent Dawson rounded out the week in grand style.


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.