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How To Play “Big Brother”
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Jul 4, 2014 - 7:25:08 AM

HOLLYWOOD—To say that I’m a “Big Brother” superfan would be an understatement. I love the reality competition series because you try to place yourself into the mindset of these contestants even though you know it’s nearly impossible to do. You can argue up and down all the things you would or would not do, but when you’re inside that house it’s a whole new ballgame.


This first week has been amazing to some degree on the live feeds simply because nearly every player in this house has made some seriously stupid moves with the exception of a few, which I will elaborate on later. First and foremost, the first week is all about GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HOUSEMATES. These people have formed so many alliances it’s impossible to keep track of what the hell is taking place. 


Devin might be one of the worst players in “Big Brother” history. His paranoia has him saying stupid things, talking too much and annoying virtually all of the houseguests. You never form an alliance, than another alliance and than another alliance in the first week. These people don’t know you, they don’t trust you yet. How he didn’t end up on the block I have no idea, but if he is not Head of Household this coming week, he’s a goner for certain.


I’ll be honest the only player who has socially gotten into the ear of most of the houseguest is Frankie, but being a sociable butterfly isn’t good either because talking too much can get you in trouble. He has ostracized himself slightly from Jocasta, Donny and Victoria since being dethroned as HOH. That could cost him. Those who observe, see more than what others don’t see. Frankie’s biggest problem too many alliances and side alliances; it’ll blow in his face, cause it’s only a matter of time people realize you’re linked to Ariana Grande.


The second rule of “Big Brother” is you can’t win this game alone; you must have an ally. Key word being ‘ally’ just one. You can never trust more than one person in the house because their words can always be construed. Based on my observance here are alliances that could have transpired: Caleb and Amber, Donny and Devin, Frankie and Victoria, Jocasta and Paola, Joey and Brittany, Zach and Hayden, Nicole and Christine, Derrick and Cody. These are solid pairings; the problem is most of these houseguests have already destroyed these so called alliances except for a solid two in my opinion: Jocasta and Paola and Nicole and Christine. Christine has made a few side alliances that will come back to bite her, Jocasta and Paola not so much. If they can stay under the radar for another 2-3 weeks, before making any moves they could go quite far.

Frankie is one of the contestants from "Big Brother 16."


Rule number three, be weary of the ‘showmance.’ A showmance can work in one’s favor, but only if the rest of the house is not fully aware of it. An alliance could work between Caleb and Amber. He likes her big time and professed his feelings to her and was shot down; yeah his ego is bruised a bit, but Amber and Caleb are not seeing the bigger picture. They can use this to their advantage. Make the house think you’re not in cohoots, when you actually are. Think Danielle and Jason from “Big Brother 3.” They didn’t have a showmance, but were the perfect allies as they stayed low key and communicated when necessary and no one ever suspected it.


Rule number four, ‘expect the unexpected.’ Simply, put never go into the game planning to do this, that or not to do this or that. Be prepared for anything, Zach telling Frankie he was going to throw competitions is the dumbest thing ever. Hey, Zach, you’re no Dr. Will, and even Will knew in some cases not looking like a pushover would further his game. The dueling HOH’s make the game tougher this year, as you really can’t nominate who you want without becoming a target. It’s a game of reverse psychology; you have to get your opponent (the opposing HOH) to nominate houseguests who can defeat your nominees in the Battle of the Block. By doing so you keep your nominations in tact and remain in power; if the people you nominate win BOB, you’re dethroned and at risk of being nominated. Since four people are at risk of being nominated each week, it’s smart to target large alliances. You at least guarantee taking out someone that can deal a fatal blow.


Rule number five, the veto matters most. Why? Because it can change the house in a matter of seconds! Saving someone from eviction and forcing someone who didn’t expect to be nominated causes paranoia and forces alliances to be exposed. This power is always more important than the HOH. Why? Well you can’t compete for HOH each week, but with the power of veto you have a chance in most cases. Especially if you get nominated! This might sound weird, but in some cases its best to be nominated than not being nominated. Why? Well you can protect yourself from being back-doored. It’s a dirty tactic I’m not a fan of and it always bites the person who implements it in the butt.


Rule number six, being genuine and honest, goes much farther than being overly devious. If you’re going to be a liar, make no withdrawals about it. Dr. Will was a genius at it, and it worked because people knew it. Going back on your word is a killer, especially in the beginning of the game. Frankie has proven this with Victoria, who can use this against him and Devin has done this with the entire house.


The most important rule of “Big Brother” is it’s a game of endurance. The last person standing wins. What does this mean? Well, it’s a combination of physical, mental, social and strategic game play. Most people only consider the physical, social and strategic parts; mental is perhaps the most important. You can’t crack under pressure; Joey is a perfect example of sinking her ship. Mental is a combination of all of these parts, examining the house right at this moment, no clear houseguest has the advantage, but I will argue that Donny, Amber, Nicole, Jocasta and Victoria could be major threats. Why? Well, they’re quite observant and stay under the radar for the most part. Are they considered floaters, to a degree, yes, so I would say play the game; do not sit back and float from power to power. Amber needs to be careful who she divulges info too; if she does she could be a major contender. Frankie only won HOH because Amber threw it, not wanting a target on her back.


Never go up as a pawn! Don’t place yourself in danger to solidify ones trust, if you’re viewed as a threat people will take the opportunity to get you out whenever possible. This is indeed an interesting cast, but this early in the game not many are playing with the intelligence they should be. They do what most newbies in the house do, play too hard too early and make too many alliances, without considering no alliance with more than two people, makes it past the third or fourth week. Watch all previous seasons you’ll see what I mean.

Last rule is LISTEN! It’s better to use your ears than your mouth in the “BB” house. Say one wrong thing and that can be the end of your game. Use what you know only when the time is right. Andrew from “BB 12” proved this during his speech right before he was evicted. You want the entire house to hear you out, not one or two people. It creates doubt in people’s mind, which is the key to winning. “Big Brother 16” airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.