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How Will “Big Brother 15” End?
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Sep 15, 2013 - 4:09:47 AM

HOLLYWOOD—Last week was one explosive week in the “Big Brother” house that saw power players exit the game in one of the most exciting and dreadful double evictions in the game’s history.  Not since “Big Brother 13” have audiences been treated to see game players bid adieu; I’m talking about you Jeff and Daniele.  Last week GinaMarie’s goal to take out one member of the power couple McCranda was a success. 


Yes, Amanda was sent packing in one of the most decisive votes of the season.  When the dust settled it was a tie; two votes for Amanda and two votes for Spencer.  The deciding vote was made by Head of Household GM who decided to show the world once again the sharp tongued individual she is by telling Amanda “To get to stepping.”  Classic! Julie Chen’s interview with puppeteer Amanda was tame to say the least.  She tackled issues pertaining to the bullying and her role in the house, but never went there in regards to the racist remarks.  I’m sure it’ll come up during the finale. 


In a shocker, the houseguests discovered it was a double eviction and it was a heated battle to say the least. In the end, target McCrae found himself in power.  In perhaps one of the dumbest moves of the season, he decides to nominate GM and Elissa.  Why in the hell would you nominate the one ally in the house that you still have (Elissa)?  He still hasn’t figured out that Elissa voted to keep Amanda; it was BFF Andy who stabbed him in the back.  Even Amanda clued her flame in on the deception by outing Andy before she left the house.  Judd unfortunately won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it, sending Elissa home in a unanimous vote.

The cast of "Big Brother 15." Photo courtesy of CBS.


Dammit, I was screaming at the screen.  The only houseguest I was left rooting for has been terminated, who can I root for now?  With Elissa the viewers either love or hate her, but out of all the houseguests left, she was the only one with an ounce of compassion.  She never intentionally said nasty comments to degrade other players; well she did take a dig at Amanda for wearing that outfit.  Why root for her?  She was an underdog.  The fact that she was Rachel’s sister already placed a target on her back in the first week. We love to root for the underdog and she had to fight to stay in the house for weeks. 


She should have been out the house in the first two weeks, but she utilized the MVP power to her advantage taking out three power players and changing dynamics to the game. She won a coveted HOH and POV when she needed it most and made the first power play of the game, which resulted in chaos in the house.  Not to mention she outed Andy as the decisive rat that he is for playing both sides of the house.  To see her tell him to leave the room when she had conversation with other HG was hilarious. She reminds me of Dr. Will, Marcellas, Janelle, Evel Dick, Dan and Rachel. They were all fighters!


Now as Rachel would say, we have a house of floaters, which we really do.  Andy took it so personal when Zingbot called him out for being the floater that he is; he floats to power and only one HG realized it: Elissa.  Why can’t anyway else see this before it’s too late?  In my opinion, Andy would get my vote if he acknowledged his antics, but his lack of admitting that he’s a two-faced rat forces the viewer to dislike his character that much more. If you’re a liar admit it! Take credit for your actions while you’re doing them, don’t take credit when the timing comes for you to do so.  The jury may not buy your argument because I won’t. Spencer is so vile. The comments that comes out of this guy’s mouth is disgusting beyond belief, him in the final would be horrid. The same goes for GM, whose racist comments all season forces the audience to root for the moment she gets out of the house and discovers how delusional she is.  America’s favorite, really! It’ll happen when dogs fly. 


Now, I’m left rooting for McCrae, as he’s the lesser evil of the HG that remain and he’s also the odd man out.  Just when you thought McCrae was on his way out, he wins the POV and forces Spencer to nominate Judd for eviction.  He’s complaining that he doesn’t want to break a tie and hopes Andy and McCrae comes up with a unanimous vote so he gets no blood on his hands.  Sorry Spencer, I think McCrae knows what you and Andy are up to and will vote for GM, as we all know Andy is known for backstabbing.  Which means the jig will be up exposing Spencer, Andy and GM’s alliance to McCrae. Fan favorite Judd was sent packing again! Jesus if he would have stayed true to his deal with Elissa he would still be in the house.  That’s what happens when you try to be friends with everyone instead of playing the game. Elissa told you not to trust Andy and you fell for it.


Right now I am rooting for a McCrae and Andy final two, with Andy losing by a landslide in the jury vote. Why?  Well in my opinion, you can’t reward bad behavior.  Both Spencer and GM have made horrid comments that have sent shockwaves to viewers the entire summer and should we reward them for such behavior with a paycheck.  Hell no! McCrae deserves the win the most out of all the players left so here’s to finger crossing for the jury to see so. 


As we’ve learned time and time again in “Big Brother” history devious game play is only rewarded when the contestant is willing to own up to it, Dr. Will, Evel Dick anyone.  Andy’s inability to acknowledge his game play would be his downfall.  At this point the only person he could beat in a final two is perhaps GM, I would argue Spencer, but he could use his number of nominations to his advantage, some could argue he was never a threat and he wasn’t. No matter how things turn out, we can all agree this may be the worst season of “Big Brother” since BB9 and that’s saying a lot.


Cliffside Malibu




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