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J.R. Ewing”™s Killer Revealed On “Dallas!”
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Apr 17, 2013 - 8:10:47 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Monday night audiences were treated to a two-hour extravaganza of “ Dallas” as the rebooted series wrapped its second season. The first season was more a revelation for audiences with the return of old faces and the resurgence of new faces. This season culminated with the mystery of Pam Barnes, Christopher Ewing’s (Jesse Metcalfe) mother previously portrayed by Victoria Principal on the 1980s soap drama.


The first hour of the two-part finale was a tale of the Ewings doing their best to bring down Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) and Ryland Harris (Mitch Pileggi), the duplicitous duo behind the oil rig explosion that injured many, including Cliff’s own daughter. I still can’t imagine this man treating his daughter’s babies like a monetary gain. He’s a vengeful, master manipulator that no matter how dire the situation may appear he finds a way to sneak through the cracks; more on his master plan for season three later.


Christopher was put through an emotional rollercoaster as he came to gripes with her mother’s former husband who claimed that his mother wanted nothing to do with him. That was just the beginning of his hurt, as he learned that his true love Elena (Jordana Brewster) lied about knowing her brother, Drew’s (Kuno Becker) whereabouts. It looks like this relationship is over and done just like that. What did Christopher expect her to do, it is her brother and family means everything in “ Dallas.” 


Speaking of family, Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) came to grips with her father’s possible involvement in her injury and death of her twins. The nail in the coffin came when she learned from Harris’ henchman that Cliff informed him to blow up the rig even after discovering his daughter was onboard. She wanted vengeance and did she ever get it. Bobby (Patrick Duffy) continued to beat around the bush with Christopher and John Ross (Josh Henderson) of J.R.’s (Larry Hagman) master plan. J.R. was always a devious foe who stayed three to four steps ahead of his enemies. 

The cast of "Dallas."


Harris, Cliff and Governor McConaughey (Steven Weber) saw the walls caving in around them and each put into motion a backup plan to cover their tracks.  Emma (Emma Bell), the spoiled brat that she is continued to play her mother Ann (Brenda Strong). She has her mother’s charm, but she has her father’s devious intentions. She is not one to be double crossed, if you do so you will pay for it. She goes for the jugular and when she wants something, Emma always gets it. As the first hour closed, John Ross and Pamela discovered that Christopher’s mother is indeed dead, and she’s been so for many years. 


As the second hour began, the unraveling of what happened to Cliff’s sister hit audiences like a shockwave. Christopher discovered that his uncle Cliff paid off a couple to masquerade as his dead mother to prevent him from collecting his mother’s shares for Barnes Global. Emma ensured her father’s demise by providing authorities evidence linking her father to drug trafficking. I wonder if daddy will ever be able to forgive his daughter’s treachery, not quite sure, if so he’ll be sure to make her suffer.  With Drew out of the picture, I’m sure he’ll go after someone she cares about, perhaps Ann or another lover on the horizon. I’ll save that surprise for later. 


Bobby, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Pamela, Christopher and John Ross implemented their latest plan to trap Cliff Barnes after evidence came forward that linked Cliff to J.R.’s murder. After a faux trip to Mexico, the gang produced the final nail in the coffin for Cliff, who adamantly denied being responsible for J.R. Ewing’s murder. I believed Barnes, he’s dirty, but I just don’t see him taking out his nemesis; its way too easy and obvious for the writers to do that.

With everything happy-go lucky, there was just one more piece of information missing: who really killed J.R.? Christopher and John Ross confronted Bobby at J.R.’s grave to find out just what his father wrote in that letter that Bobby has kept from his family. He revealed that J.R. was very sick and just days away from dying. The biggest bombshell came when it was revealed that J.R.’s killer was none other than his private investigator and closest ally Steve “Bum” Jones (Kevin Page). Was the revelation jaw-dropping? Not really, but it was indeed a surprise. I was just waiting for John Ross to throw a few punches at his father’s killer, but he remained calm. 


As the second season came to an end, a bombshell was discovered by Elena and her mother, linking their family to the land that is owned by the Ewings. Could the Ewing clan be responsible for stealing land with oil on it from another party? It definitely appears so, and Elena paid a visit to Cliff Barnes to get the scoop. This is indeed an interesting development in the series. It’s nice to see good girl Elena slowly moving to the dark side and from the looks of things she’s about to stage a war against the Ewings that they won’t see coming. How will Christopher respond to the news?  He is suffering a broken heart that he’s hoping to mend, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Speaking of broken hearts, Pamela is so in love with her husband John Ross, there’s just one problem, he’s not so in love with her.  The final moments of the episode saw him hooking up with Emma. I knew something was there between the duo after they slept together the first time. 


John Ross is indeed his father, but he should be worried. Pamela has lost her children, her father is in prison and she already lost the love of her life, Christopher, and there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Emma could become a casualty in this love triangle or Pamela and Christopher might find themselves back to each other. So the salacious drama that is known as “ Dallas” has wrapped for the season. I can only imagine what fireworks and backstabbing audiences can expect for season three.


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.