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“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ”˜Bring Down The”¦”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Aug 20, 2013 - 6:32:18 PM

Did Emily and Spencer discover 'Red Coat?'
HOLLYWOOD—It was an episode that forced me to do a double take when I first heard it, but “Pretty Little Liars” went there with ”˜Bring Down The Hoe,’ which saw the liars getting quite close to unveiling ”˜Red Coat’ once and for all.  The episode revolved around the school’s hoedown dance which brought along lots of fun, confrontations and of course secrets galore.


The episode opened with Emily (Shay Mitchell) telling Aria (Lucy Hale) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) about the possibility of CeCe (Vanessa Ray) staying at the DiLaurentis house.  Hanna (Ashley Benson) was not in the best spirits regarding her mother’s dilemma.  She begged Spencer to ask her mom to get back on the case, and was stunned to see Lt. Tanner interrupt their conversation; she indicated that a muddy shoe was found at the wreckage of Emily’s home, which unnerved Hanna. That woman can be quite rude to say the least.


Spencer devised a plan to sneak into the DiLaurentis house to search for evidence. Hanna found a classmate watching her from a distance. Wonder what this guy is up to?  Paige (Lindsey Shaw) asked Emily out on a date to the school’s dance; it’s obvious that there is a strain on Pailey’s relationship.  Jake (Ryan Guzman) attempted to bond with Aria who was a bit distant, but she smoothed things out by asking him to the dance.  Ezra (Ian Harding) got a visit from Emily who asked about her recommendation and he lashed out. Whoa, this is a dark side to Ezra that I do not believe audiences have ever seen.


Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) attempted to take Hanna’s mind off her mom by inviting her to the school dance.  Looks like no one wants to go to the hoedown. Hanna received an anonymous envelope with loads of money to help out her mother.  Doesn’t look like the money came from “A,” but perhaps Hanna’s new classmate stalker, with an envelope from a place were CeCe used to work. 


Toby (Keegan Allen) heard a song from his mother on a CD that was placed in his car, with a warning from “A,” “There’s more where this came from.”  Sounds like a threat.  Hanna, fed up with her classmate following her, decided to confront the mystery guy who attempted to say something, but it was too late as she dashed out. Aria, Emily and Spencer played spy by searching the crawl space at the DiLaurentis home and discovered that someone else was inside the house.  When Aria attempted to snoop above, the mystery person decided to attack the ladies with a knitting needle.  Looks like someone knew what the ladies were up to!

The ladies called out Spencer on her weirdness involving Toby.  “Are you pregnant,” quoted a skeptical Hanna.  Just when you need a laugh, Hanna delivers. Spencer decided to tell the ladies that Toby’s mother may have been murdered and that he’s been receiving gifts from “A.”  I don’t think Toby will be happy to learn about this.  He then received a photo from “A” of a vehicle.  Hmm, how important is that?  Finally Ezra and Aria came face-to-face as he attempted to speak with her about an important matter. Bam, Ezra finally came face-to-face with Jake, can anyone say awkward! 


Looks like things are getting serious, Jake purchased Aria a pair of boots for the dance, and I have a feeling that hearts will be broken real soon.  Emily decided to pack up her things at the DiLaurentis house, but not before noticing blue nail polish which initiated a flashback.  Alison informed Emily that she should break-up with her boyfriend Ben. She indicated she was responsible for breaking up many couples and that she had a friend whose boyfriend pulled a gun on her.  “The guy used to go to our school, but not anymore,” said Alison.  Who was she referring to?  Was it Wilden or Toby? Emily speculated that CeCe may have been dating Wilden and Jason at the same time and Ali was the person who broke up the relationship.


Well, well CeCe Drake returns to the show. She was hiding out in some lair with news clippings of Alison and the liars. The one thing audiences have been suspecting is that she may be ”˜Red Coat’ and surprise we saw a red coat in her possession. She spoke to someone on the phone indicating that she was not heading back to Rosewood. I wonder why she is afraid to go back. There’s no way she can be ”˜Red Coat’ right, that’s way too easy?


Hanna showed up to the hoedown and her mystery stalker indicated that he placed the envelope in her locker and asked for a dance, and learned that Travis was there the night that Wilden was murdered. He saw her mother drive off and she did not kill Wilden, but he saw a girl running into the woods. Someone delivered Travis that money hoping to keep him quiet. The school dance seemed more like a funeral; there wasn’t much excitement from any of the students. Hanna begged Travis to go to the police, but he was hesitant.  Ezra spotted Aria at the dance, as did Jake.  Looks like a confrontation is soon to happen and it did when Jake told Ezra to back-off.  That was tense!   


Toby discovered the vehicle he received was a picture of Dr. Palmer’s old car. He divulged the information to Spencer, who became skeptical about his intentions. When he learned she spilled his secret, he was furious.  Could Toby be heading back to the dark side?  Now that I think about it, this episode should have been titled “Heartbreak Hotel” because relationships are falling apart left and right. Spencer asked Caleb to follow Toby to protect him from being set-up. Hanna confronted Travis about being blackmailed and not allowing someone to bully him. Emily told Aria that Ezra’s world is falling apart and she decided to confront him, but he placed a wall up.


Emily discovered ”˜Red Coat’ roaming around at the hoedown and informed Spencer, as both ladies chased after the mystery figure, but they were duped. Spencer was right, Toby was being set-up by “A” and luckily Caleb stopped him before it was too late.  Travis confessed to authorities. Checkmate “A” looks like your plan backfired and Hanna will be getting her mommy back.


Emily decided to ask Paige for a dance, at least one couple is trying to work on their relationship.  Aria found herself determined to find out what is going on with Ezra as we saw CeCe Drake spying outside of Ezra’s apartment to hear what was being said.  “A” was seen knitting a hat for a doll; a total of five of them with one doll dressed in a black hoodie. That must have been Mona or was it someone else? I’m dying for next week’s summer finale, to see what bombshell will be unleashed to audiences.  I am hoping the reveal is as big as the build-up, because let’s face it some of the finales have not been as explosive as audiences have expected.  The biggest shock came last summer, so let’s hope writers pull up a secret that will literally stun audiences.  Until next week’s finale “PLL” fanatics!


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.