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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Confidence”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Oct 15, 2012 - 4:37:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—How in the world Victoria Grayson finds a way to slither through improbable situations continues to boggle my mind, but she is the queen bee for a reason, hence her transformation in episode three “Confidence.”  The episode opened shedding a bit more light on the relationship between Emily and Aiden (Takeda’s protégé).   It is revealed through flashbacks that the two shared a romance and Aiden shattered Emily’s heart; so she is not as forgiving.  In fact, she’s so upset with him for killing the White-Haired Man that she knocks him out cold and dumps him in a garbage truck.


Victoria’s master plan involved her keeping all of her family at shoulder’s length to prevent them from discussing anything with the media before speaking with her. It was a treat to see both Emily and Victoria exchange jabs while coyly threatening the other party.  Aiden took a visit to the Pine Crest Motel (a clue he retrieved from the White-Haired Man) and ran into Emily’s mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh)!  I was screaming at the TV screen.  He has no idea who this woman is!  She was well-aware Aiden was concealing his identity, so she made a mysterious phone call to the White-Haired Man himself, Gordon Murphy. 


Conrad always one step ahead of his duplicitous wife informed her that he knows what she is planning.   Nolan unsuspectingly arrived at Emily’s home to be attacked by Aiden.  “Why does this keep happening to me,” stated a somber Nolan.   This guy has some of the best lines on television.   It is here the audience discovers that Aiden was on a mission to rescue his sister.  Just what happened to her the audience still does not know.  Emily kept hold of a small time clock with a photo of her mother that was found in Gordon’s belongings.   She suspected that he may have been intimately involved with her mother.  Jack received a visit from someone regarding Declan who appears to be in trouble once again. 

The Graysons are one big happy family.


Victoria’s well thought out plan to maintain control of the media blew up in her face after Daniel got possession of evidence that proved she was lying. That was just the first blow as Charlotte confronted her mother about her reasoning behind wanting her to stay away from Amanda Clarke.  I must admit Emily is a vicious person; there is no limitation to this woman when it comes to getting what she wants.  The idea of her literally ruining Amanda’s life at her own discretion is disheartening.  As much as I love our heroine, I have a feeling she’s in for some heartbreak in the near future, courtesy of her own mother.


Victoria was not about to allow her children’s actions ruin her name, so she took matters into her own hands by publicly acknowledging that David Clarke is Charlotte’s biological father.  That was just the beginning as she called Conrad, Daniel, and Amanda herself, to the stage as a united family.  Just before Conrad was about to walk to the stage, he received a threatening call, which was later revealed to come from Aiden himself. 


As the media frenzy slowly died, Conrad had a surprise up his sleeve, as he announced that he planned to marry Victoria once again.  Checkmate! Jack fed up with Amanda’s lies, chose to break off his relationship with her.  The episode wrapped with Aiden admitting that Emily got what she wanted; Daniel is out to destroy his mother and Amanda has gotten closer with the Graysons.  Nolan, the tech genius was able to get Gordon’s bullet-prone phone operating which allowed Emily to hear a message from her mother professing her love to him.  What a game changer!  Next week’s episode promises to be a dozy as someone’s life will be changed forever.  Any guesses as to whom?


Cliffside Malibu




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