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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Engagement”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on May 6, 2013 - 7:12:31 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have guessed nearly a year later, that Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) would be getting engaged for a second time?  Not me, but this is “Revenge” and anything can happen.  The couple rekindled their romance in episode 20 “Engagement,” that saw more thorns in Emily’s backside than one could have expected. The happy couple celebrated with a divine dinner where Emily treated Daniel to a vacation to Paris.

Declan (Connor Paolo) shared his girl troubles with Jack (Nick Wechsler), as he informed little brother about Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) latest shenanigans.  Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) pressed her hubby about his latest plan, as mommy dearest did her best to locate her long, lost son. She was not pleased with Daniel’s news that he is back with Emily and they’re planning to move to Paris!  What?! Emily has a sinister plan intact and I’m dying to know what that is.

Daniel got his hands on Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) employment record from Mr. Takada himself.  Surprise, Aiden’s father was a baggage handler on the flight that David Clarke supposedly blew up.  Daniel let a few words slip out in terms of a conspiracy, but its obvious Aiden is well aware of Daniel’s intentions.  Ashley (Ashley Madewke) and Jack conspired a new plan to take down Conrad.  Emily came face-to-face with Regina; she must not be aware that Em is Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) sister.  Emily is not going to allow anything bad to happen to her sister, so Regina better watch her back.  Victoria was not happy with the news that Charlotte would be Emily’s maid of honor, just as Jack showed up to the canvas for a private meeting with the queen bee. Emily was not too happy to see the site.

What will be Emily Thorne's (Emily VanCamp) next move?


Victoria gave Jack an update on Emily’s love life, she also dropped a few bombshell’s by revealing that his and Emily’s tryst was the reason Daniel and Emily broke up the first time.  Victoria paid the governor’s wife a visit, where she revealed her plans to help Conrad win the election.  She also revealed that her hubby’s life is on the line; she’s doing her best to keep her husband alive. Wow, Victoria barely showed any empathy to the woman who poured her soul to you.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) was asked to assist Aiden in his search to halt Emily’s quest for revenge. Aiden wanted Nolan to drain the Grayson bank account. Nolan paid a visit to ”˜The Falcon’ to obtain information about Patrick where she revealed that Victoria knows more about her son’s location than what she wants people to know. He begged Edith to share her knowledge about what The Initiative’s latest plan is.  She gave elusive clues to the tech genius on how to crack the code to the Amanda Clarke account.


Ashley informed Jack that he was the reason that Emily and Daniel broke up, and she was the one who dropped the bombshell. Quite gutsy to say the least, I never expected Ashley to fess up to such a duplicitous act.  Victoria put on another show to ”˜celebrate’ Daniel and Emily’s renewed engagement.  The two BFF’s chatted about their quest for redemption.  Emily taunted Victoria about old memories of David Clarke; it was indeed the checkmate that Victoria did not expect, as silence was indeed golden!


Charlotte found herself in the slammer because of too much alcohol.  Daniel informed Emily that he fired Aiden after info he received from Mr. Takada.   Emily spotted Mr. Takada and confronted him about his duplicity that has altered her plan. He informed her that The Initiative is planning a second strike that will destroy lives, but he was coy about what would transpire.


Jack confronted Emily about last year’s betrayal, but she remained coy about what she has planned for the Graysons, as a vengeful Victoria watched from a distance.  Em’s updated Nolan on Takada’s mole status, as he informed Emily that Victoria paid off Patrick to keep him hidden. “You know who I’m fighting for,” stated Emily.  It was the clue that gave Nolan what he needed to crack ”˜The Falcons’ code. 


Takada paid Aiden a visit that turned quite violent; a sword fight to the finish that ended with Aiden killing Takada!  What the hell just happened?  I did not see that coming from a million miles away.  Aiden killed the one man who knew exactly what The Initiative was planning, did Aiden not realize that? Charlotte dropped another bombshell: she’s pregnant! 


Wow, another whopper of a secret.  I wonder if Declan is aware that he’s the baby daddy? It makes logical sense when you think about it. The partying, morning sickness, she’s doing everything in her power to miscarry.  Wonder what Emily will do when she discovers her little sis is preggers. Victoria was stunned to learn that Conrad ordered Amanda Clarke’s murder, Jack even provided Victoria with the evidence. Emily stumbled onto Aiden and Nolan’s plan, and was too late to halting the emptying of the Graysons bank account, which was apart of the Initiative’s plan as a massive blackout hit New York City.  This can not be good.  Next week is the two-part season finale where its almost certain a body or two will turn up. The big question is just who will bite the dust. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers, it’s gonna be epic!


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.