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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Forgiveness”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Oct 28, 2012 - 7:15:35 PM

HOLLYWOOD—It was only a matter of time before Victoria Grayson would come face-to-face with Kara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the woman who could make her life a living hell. “Forgiveness” gave audiences everything they could ask for in a confrontation that will go down as one of the best on TV, but more on that later.


Victoria’s jaw dropped when she came face-to-face with Kara, the irony was seeing her grip ever so tightly to those flower trimmers as Kara expressed her gratitude. The duo shared small talk.  She was inquisitive as to why Gordon Smith came to visit her. Emily continued to recount memories of her mother, while bonding with Aiden. He revealed that Kara was married to Gordon Smith. Aiden infiltrated Grayson Global by getting into Conrad’s ear about where the company stands, falling right into Aiden’s clutches.


There definitely has to be more secrets in Kara’s past that we are not aware of; I’m dying to find out just what other twists are expected to happen in the coming weeks. Nolan was stunned to hear from Jack that Emily’s mother is back, while he took on double duty (taking care of Amanda and new child). Aiden alerted Emily of someone digging about her father’s contract at Grayson Global. Emily discovers that she has been neglecting Nolan. Emily and Nolan spied on Victoria & Conrad, as they had lunch with Kara.


Emily’s heart shattered when she spotted Amanda, Jack and the new baby. At that moment, a flashback revealed Emily chatting with her father who revealed to his daughter that her mother was “dead.” Kara and Victoria chatted about David Clarke, but were interrupted when Charlotte broke the news that Amanda has awaken from her coma.

Emily VanCamp portrays Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark on ABC's "Revenge."


Emily and Kara came face-to-face and discussed their past; little did mother know that she was actually speaking to her “daughter.”  Emily was stunned to see Mason Treadwell back in town. He attempted to dig into Kara’s past, but she did not divulge any details. Emily relentlessly attempted to bond with her mother who appeared quite cold; she speaks in murmurs giving little to any information to the person she chats with.   


Aiden picked Ashley’s brain regarding information about Daniel’s relationship with Emily. Emily was concerned when Aiden informed her that Nolan’s CFO may be bad for his business, which caused a rift between her and Aiden. Nolan was stunned to hear the news that Emily delivered, Padma on the other-hand had no idea that people are beginning to suspect her.


Amanda and Emily discussed Kara’s past, which led Emily to ask Amanda to help her get rid of her mom. Aiden and Daniel discussed Clarke’s past which revealed that Grayson Global had a share in NorCrop. Victoria ferociously searched Kara’s bedroom for something as she was stunned to see Mason inside her home.  If this guy is not annoying, I don’t know who is. Mason wants to dig into Kara’s past, unaware of the demons that he may unleash.


Kara gave a heartfelt plea to Amanda, as Emily listened beside the door.   It was almost punishing to see this woman pour her heart out to her “daughter” as to why she did what she did. David Clarke forgave his wife for her misdeeds and so did Amanda. Emily was beginning to realize holding a grudge is never a good thing.


Jack decided to consider selling the boathouse restaurant. Victoria was shaking to discover Kara had contacted Gordon Smith on multiple occasions. Conrad begged Victoria to marry him to prevent them from having to testify against one another in court. Emily revealed to Amanda that Jack is indeed the father of her child. To say that both Emily and Amanda were relieved is an understatement, but it’s nice to see Emily making up for her evil misdeeds. The final moments of the episode saw Emily bonding with Kara, as Mason was ever persistent to uncover Amanda’s secret: she is not Amanda Clarke! The question is what he will do with this information. I have a feeling this guy will get whacked before November sweeps ends. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers.


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