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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Identity”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Apr 30, 2013 - 6:17:55 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, it has been so long, since we’ve been treated to the salacious backstabbing known to the Hamptons.  “Revenge” returned from hiatus this week with episode 19 amply titled “Identity.” The episode opened with Emily (Emily VanCamp) questioning her identity, and if she truly is who she presents to the rest of the world. In a surprising turn of events, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) was questioned by authorities for the death of Padma.  Emily found herself having to defend Nolan’s innocence to Daniel (Josh Bowman) who seems to think Nolan may be guilty. 


Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) bickered about her “other” son which she has kept hidden from her family.  She was not too happy about her husband wanting to air the bombshell on live television.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) continued to conspire about how they could bring Conrad Grayson down.  Nolan was in a panic after being hounded by the press, but Emily eased his stress by turning his attention to bringing down the Falcon; the elusive figure responsible for David Clarke’s demise. Funny thing that Victoria was the only soul aware of the Falcon’s true identity; I have reason to believe she knows much more than she is leading others to suspect.


Just like any person with a gift, their ego tends to be the biggest downfall, which gave Nolan and Emily a plan to lure out the elusive figure. Of course, the duo had the assistance of Emily’s “beau” Aiden (Barry Sloane).  The audience was treated to a few flashbacks of Victoria at a young age with her son Patrick.  She appeared quite torn about the possibility of leaving her son behind to attend an elusive art school. Emily was taken aback when she saw Ashley caring for her godson Carl.  Jack continued to be distant to his former BFF.  Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) grappled with the mean girl that she punched, who appears to be warming up to her.  It’s obvious that this girl is not looking to be buddies with Charlotte.  Unfortunately, poor naïve Charlotte took the bait and will find herself entangled in a web of deception.

Daniel continued to stroke his ego as he met with Mr. Takada, which shocked Aiden as he walked in on their private meeting.  Tricky, tricky, tricky Daniel, your actions will have consequences.  Nolan showed up to the arcade where he came face-to-face with the Falcon.  Who would have guessed the mastermind was a female! Emily spied on the duo from a distance as the two tech guru’s played a high stakes video game of Street Fighter. Nolan was the winner of course.  Conrad was caught secretly meeting the wife of the governor that he is running against.  Please tell me Conrad isn’t having another affair.

The media glitz at the Grayson Mansion.


The Grayson’s media glitz caught everyone off guard as Daniel professed his love for Emily, by asking her to marry him; well he actually didn’t say the words, but the ring that he provided to her was a big clue.  The reactions from Aiden and Victoria alone were priceless. Charlotte’s partying ways left Declan (Connor Paolo) surprised as she flaked on helping him with his personal statement for college admissions.

The constant badgering from the media about Victoria’s first heir Patrick caught her off guard and she confessed the truth!  For once, the queen bee was speechless.  I noticed for the first time compassion from this woman who’s known to breathe villainy.  Edith 'The Falcon' took Nolan’s bait and fell for it.  This gave him and Emily the ammunition to bring down the Falcon once and for all.  Conrad confronted Victoria about her duplicity, which she remained coy about. 


Jack seemed to set down firm boundaries with Declan informing them that they can’t trust anyone.  Ashley extended an olive branch to Conrad with the photo of him and the governor’s wife.  Blackmail is indeed one hell of a tool that can get you almost anything you want.  In a desperate move, Victoria paid Nolan a visit asking for his help to find her first born child!  Will Nolan take the bait; I’m pretty sure he will.  I think the audience is dying to know who Victoria’s first born is, I have a feeling it’s someone we’ve seen before.


Aiden appeared in a daze when Emily discussed her intentions with Daniel; she was not too pleased with her lover watching her masquerade with her former flame.  In a surprising move, he encourages his lover to continue with the charade to bring down the Grayson clan once and for all.  Next Sunday’s penultimate episode “Engagement” looks to heighten the drama before the season finale.  How will the rest of the residents of the Hamptons react to this surprising news involving Emily and Aiden?  Let’s just say things do not look good.  Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.