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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Illusion”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Nov 4, 2012 - 7:50:13 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Episode six “Illusion” opened with two enemies: Victoria Grayson and Kara Clarke bonding, but only Kara seemed to think that.  Emily was busy getting her hands dirty uncovering Gordon Smith’s body as she implemented her new plan of action.  All the while, Aiden continued to play businessman at Grayson Global. 


Daniel and Ashley seem utterly clueless as to what he is planning.  It’s amazing to see Daniel play Ashley, unbeknownst to both that Emily is watching there every move.  Emily continued her journey of attempting to bond with Kara and sharing some experiences of her past.  “As for the Graysons, they’ll get what’s coming to them.  They always do,” said Kara. Little did she know that she was warning her daughter, that she had her own plans in mind for the Graysons.

Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) attending the Graysons nuptials.


Mason continued to dig into Amanda’s past.  Wow, this guy is so annoying that I can’t stand to see him back in the Hamptons.  Amanda did a clever job of deterring Mason who takes any lead given to him and runs with it.  The big event of the episode revolved around Victoria and Conrad choosing to get married again; even Charlotte was well aware that her parents had a motive for wanting to tie the knot again. A rift started to surface between Nolan and Emily regarding Padma who has been secretly feeding information to Grayson Global.  The duo implemented a plan to take down Mason once and for all.


Aiden escorted Emily to the Grayson nuptials, which caught Daniel by surprise as he spotted the duo.  I’m hinting a tad bit of jealousy. Kara decided to snoop around the Grayson compound while everyone enjoyed the festivities, admiring a photo of David Clarke.  Mason’s snooping led him directly to Gordon Smith’s dead body.  Conrad surprised Victoria with a gun as a present, which didn’t surprise her.  Victoria was not too pleased with Mason’s threatening phone, shortly after the police stormed the compound.  Jack, Declan and Amanda celebrated the re-opening of the restaurant/boathouse.   Kara attempted to connect with Jack regarding her daughter.


Ashley attempted to fish information from Aiden as the two danced.  Daniel appeared giddy to get a chance to dance with Emily once again.  Conrad was stunned to be arrested at his on wedding for the murder of Gordon Smith. Nolan was still intrigued to find out just what Emily’s plans were in regards to Mason, but Emily kept her web of deception a tightly guarded secret.  Nolan confronted Padma about looking into David Clarke’s past; she seemed genuinely surprised, yet apologetic.  Let’s hope Nolan isn’t buying this act, as I know she has ulterior motives that have yet to be disclosed.


Kara was shockingly stunned after hearing about Gordon’s death on the news.  Mason continued to nag Victoria, while Daniel & Ashley acted as if they had no idea about the shocking event.  Conrad received a visit from his “employers” who granted his freedom, if he participated in an evil act they had planned.  What they did to David Clarke was horrid, so I can only imagine what they have planned. Victoria was appalled to discover that Kara was not relieved to hear the news about Gordon’s death; Victoria was a bit shaken, almost fearing that Kara may initiate harm to her. Kara unnerves Victoria, and I want to know why. Jack popped the question to Amanda who happily agreed to be his wife.  


Victoria was awakened from her sleep by Conrad.  She was appalled that her husband made a deal with the same people responsible for the plane explosion. Emily and Aiden began to shatter the walls regarding their relationship, just as Mason uncovered Emily’s worst secret; he knows her true identity!  The deception continues to mesmerize audiences.  Until next week “Revenge” lovers!



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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.