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“Revenge” Recap: ”˜Penance”™
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Nov 11, 2012 - 7:38:59 PM

HOLLYWOOD—The truth will set you free, or so we think.  “Penance” opened with some stunning visuals showcasing Victoria holding a gun, Conrad shaving and Kara catching up on the news.  Emily was treated to a visit by Mason who continued to probe into Emily’s past questioning the possibility that Emily and Amanda are secret lovers?  That theory had me laughing.  Kara unveiled to Victoria that she was planning to leave town.  I am pleased to see the relationship between Aiden and Emily strengthening; they perceive things as only business, but the audience knows very well that feelings are brewing between the two.


Victoria continued to push Conrad’s buttons to decipher just what deal he made with the “The Initiative.”  Victoria was hell bent on getting revenge on the people that turned her life upside down. Amanda was ticked about Mason digging into her past; she wants to shut him up once and for all, whereas Emily is attempting to keep things under wraps. Daniel attempted to pull information from Kara about David Clarke, but was a bit stunned when Emily intervened. It was bittersweet to see Emily bid farewell to her mother, without her even knowing the truth.


Aiden needed Nolan’s assistance to throw off “The Initiative” which placed Nolan in a difficult situation. Nolan confronted Aiden about his motives and just what his plans are for Emily.  For the first time the audience saw Nolan’s dark side and it looks like he’s dangerous if pushed to the limit. Victoria gave a bit of advice to her son about not keeping secrets; speaking from personal experience she knows what she’s talking about.


Amanda was unable to keep cool with Mason and begin to disclose the truth about her past; a past Mason was unable to resist. At a social gathering at Grayson Manor, Victoria got her first glimpse of Helen, who eagerly wants to meet Kara (who has already gone MIA).  Emily was not too pleased to hear about Jack and Amanda’s engagement, hearing her congratulate a former flame was tough to watch knowing that she should be with Jack.  She was later forced to make adjustments in her plan after hearing that Amanda met Mason for lunch.

Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) unnerves Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).


It was an exciting moment to see Amanda come so close to taking Mason out; I think everyone at home was screaming for Amanda to do it, but in a nick of time Emily saved the day.  The revelation that we have been waiting for came as Emily told Mason her true identity.  Emily divulged her true feelings to Mason, as Nolan revealed that Kara never left the Hamptons.  Mason chose to reveal to Kara the truth about the Graysons and what they did to her husband.  This only fueled Emily even more and intensified the suspense at the Grayson mansion.  Just what will happen?  Will blood be spilled and at whose hands will it be at?


Nolan showed up at Mason’s hideaway and began eliminating evidence, just as Kara disabled security camera’s at the house.  To Victoria’s surprise she came face-to-face with a gun-totting Kara who was holding Conrad hostage. As Conrad pleaded his case with Kara, Victoria reached for her gun, but Kara was already one step ahead of her.  Mason was stunned to find the police investigating his abode; you reap what you sew.  Mason found himself framed for Gordon Smith’s murder.  Helen and Daniel continued to bond, while Aiden spied on them.  A very unhinged Kara was not pleased to learn about Gordon’s involvement in David’s death.  She blind-folded the couple who held hands during their final moments, but Aiden prevented Kara from implementing her true intentions.


Emily bonded once again with her mother as she sent her away in order to protect her from harm.  Emily and Mason attempted to bargain with one another.  Mason found himself at the mercy of Emily, forcing him to write the book that he never did.  Victoria attempted to divulge an important factoid to Conrad who shut her down. In the final moments of the episode, Emily and Aiden gave into temptation.  It only took six episodes for it to happen!  Unfortunately there is no new “Revenge” episode next Sunday, but the series returns on November 25 with the introduction of Victoria’s mother.  The audience will finally meet the woman who sculpted the queen bee herself.  I can’t wait!


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.