Robin Roberts Announces Medical Leave
By Cassie Day
Aug 28, 2012 - 9:35:07 AM

NEW YORK—Robin Roberts has set the date for her medical leave of “Good Morning America” to be August 31. The host suffers from a rare disease known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Roberts has been diagnosed due to failures with her breast cancer treatment.

Robin Roberts

Roberts had survived breast cancer five years ago, and is now in need of a bone marrow transplant that will be provided by her sister Sally, who is a perfect match. The transplant is the only long-term remission from MDS and it will replace the defective cells in her bone marrow. She will be checked in the following Tuesday, and then the process will start ten days after admittance.


Everyday leading up to her leave “Good Morning America” has shared stories of others who have been diagnosed with MDS and how they have handled their situations. The show has also put on a special, “Robins Journey” sharing her triumphs.


Roberts says she is blessed to have the support of ABC News and is thankful that she will have a job to return to after her recovery months later.

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