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"Supernatural" Recap: 'Devil May Care'
Posted by Irena Taylor on Oct 16, 2013 - 4:00:43 PM

Angels falling at the end of season 8. Photo courtesy of The CW.

HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit, one of the things I wait for every season opener is the new title display, and I’m still yet to be disappointed. Season 8 of "Supernatural" was chock full of trouble for the Winchester brothers as they attempted, yet again, to save the world from demonic foul play by closing the gates of Hell forever. To briefly recap the last season, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were plagued by the stress of overcoming 3 challenges in order to seal hell for good. Dean, of course, wanted to do the trials, being the “grunt.”


He confessed to Sam that he didn’t have hope for the future and pushing aside his frustration of being left in Purgatory without Sam attempting to get him out, he wanted his brother to have a “real life.” However, when Dean failed to complete the first challenge and Sam did, Dean not wanting his brother in harm’s way, tells Sam they should have a re-do. Sam finally told Dean that he didn’t want to restart the trials just for Dean because he knew Dean only saw it as a suicide mission and wouldn’t want to try to survive. Agreeing, Dean let Sam continue the challenges, despite his concern for his brother’s suddenly diminishing health with the continuation of the trials.


The second trial wanted Sam to save a soul from Hell and release it “unto Heaven.” With Sam having to pass through the very regions that Dean was trapped in, Dean was not amused when he found out that Sam had to cross into Hell from Purgatory. Sam and Dean decided to save Bobby(Jim Beaver)’s soul from Hell, and hire a rogue reaper to be Sam’s transportation between Hell and Earth. Unfortunately for the Reaper, One of Crowely (Mark Sheppard)’s henchmen witnessed the interaction, and got Crowley’s attention resulting in the death of the reaper.


In light of Sam’s presence in Purgatory and the death of the reaper, Dean sought out his friend Benny (Ty Olsson,) whom he escaped from Purgatory with to ask him to save Sam and to comeback the same way using Sam’s body to hold his soul. But with Benny’s failure to fit into society, he decided that once he saved Sam and showed him the way out, he would stay in Purgatory.


With Sam’s return, Dean accepted Benny’s sacrifice and pushed forward to finish the third challenge. Sam and Dean, return to their current hideout, the original office of the Men of Letters, another branch of more sophisticated hunters; and received an email from Kevin (Osric Chau) containing a pre-recorded video of Kevin announcing that if they received the video, he was dead. Kevin sent them his notes that he was working on up until his death for Dean and Sam to decipher.


With the loss of their prophet, Dean and Sam leaf through the scans and discover an image in common and believe they can find Metatron (Curtis Armstrong,) the original writer for God’s word. Just so you know, I couldn’t help but think of Megatron every time they said his name. The brothers tracked him down to where he was hiding out, a casino in Colorado, and scold him for ignoring the problems that the Angels have caused, and the death of Kevin who didn’t choose to be a prophet. Metatron reveals that he saved Kevin just before Crowley could hurt him, and had been keeping him safe.


Sam and Dean commence the third challenge, to cure a demon. Dean immediately thinks to dig up Abbadon (Alaina Huffman,) a knight of hell chosen by Lucifer. And decide to cleanse her soul. But by assuming she was incapacitated, Sam and Dean lose track of Abbadon. But change their sights to cure Crowley instead by tricking him to think they will give up the challenges.


Dean and Sam set up to cure Crowley when Castiel appears to tell them that Naomi has Metatron and that he needs Dean’s help to get him back. However, when Dean and Castiel save Metatron, they discover that if Sam completes the trials, he will die; because it would be the “ultimate sacrifice.” When Dean goes to stop Sam, Castiel discovers that Metatron wants to destroy Heaven and send all the angels to Earth without their grace. As Sam is about to cure Crowley with a final dose of his purified blood, and recite the soul cleansing rite, Dean busts in and stops it before Sam can finish the final trial, just as they see Angels falling from the sky.

To recap the season 9 premiere episode, it’s like the start of Season 2 all over again. Dean takes Sam to the hospital because he is extremely weak from doing the trials. Dean lets out an open prayer to all the angels to help heal his brother who has fallen into a coma and they come, but they aren’t happy to see him. Blaming Castiel for them losing their grace, the Angels demand that Dean tell them where Castiel is when another angel comes to his aid, Ezekiel (Tahmoh Penikett/Jared Padalecki). Unlike the other angels, Ezekiel still has his angel powers, but tells Dean he is very weak from the fall. Ezekiel promises to help Dean save his brother with what power he has left, but tells Dean that Sam doesn’t have much time left and he has to possess his brother to save him from the inside. Dean reluctantly agrees to have Ezekiel possess Sam, but Dean makes him promise that once both Sam and he are fully healed, he must stop possessing Sam.


On the Demon end of the spectrum, be warned this is a spoiler alert if you haven’t see this week’s episode; Abbadon decides that she is going to recruit better soldiers for her demon army by having them possess strong, skilled people. Abbadon wants to kill Crowley to become the rightful “Queen of Hell” and decides to gather a bunch of hunters to lure the Winchesters to her. At this point, Sam has woken up, but he is unaware of Ezekiel’s presence. Dean struggles with his conscience, he knows that he wanted Ezekiel there to keep Sam alive and safe, but if Sam were to about Ezekiel he could make him leave his body because Sam never said yes to be Ezekiel’s vessel. Last season dealt with a lot of the conflict that the show's been holding onto since the beginning, Dean’s lack of faith in Sam playing a major role in season 8 since Dean befriended a vampire, saying that everyone else failed him in the past.


This season has already gotten off to an interesting start because of Dean’s guilt from giving Ezekiel permission to inhabit Sam; but I’m still wondering why Ezekiel still has his powers and the other angels are missing theirs. I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode! Until then, “Supernatural” fans!   


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.