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”˜Supernatural”™ Recap: “Dog Dean Afternoon”
Posted by Irena Taylor on Nov 12, 2013 - 10:46:57 PM

Dean discovers he can understand all animals. Photo courtesy of The CW.

HOLLYWOOD—Welcome back, “Supernatural” fans! Last week’s episode involved a bit of the hair of the dog. The episode was yet another filler; in case the writers haven’t noticed, there are various storylines going on at once-what with Abbadon taking over Hell, the vengeful Angels increasing in numbers, Cas being Human and Sam being possessed by Ezekiel ”“ let’s just say things are still a bit complicated. Just a little hint: please don’t turn into “Lost.” I can’t be stuck asking myself more questions at the end of every episode. Filming opinions aside, let’s get to the episode.


The episode starts off with Sam (Jared Padalecki) saying he wants to work a case, but Dean (Jensen Ackles) is concerned about him getting back into hunting so soon after the trials to lock up Hell. But with Sam getting a steady 8 hours every night and the energy to run in the mornings, he’s have a hard time convincing Sam he’s ”˜tired.’ Unable to persuade Sam to rest, they set off to work a case involving a man who was crushed to death in a taxidermy shop. When they arrive at the shop, the police describe it to be snake-like and report finding the graffiti logo of the local vegan-animal rights activists group that work in a coffee house. When asked if there were witnesses, they report that there was only the deceased’s dog, Chief.


When Sam and Dean go to investigate, they find that the two animal rights activists are wearing sunglasses indoors and begin to wonder if they are some sort of monster. When questioning the pair, they admit to tagging the taxidermy shop, but say that someone sprayed them with mace; and remove their glasses, saying they couldn’t go to the police because they’d have to explain what they were doing at the taxidermy shop. Sam and Dean find out about another death, but this time it’s at an animal shelter. At the shelter, they report that along with a dead body, all the cats went missing. When Sam and Dean go to investigate, they find Chief there and realize he’s been at both locations. Sam tells Dean that he was a witness to both crimes, and if they could talk to him, they could find there guy.


After bringing Chief back with them, Sam consults Kevin; asking if he knows anything about making a dog mind-reading potion. After Kevin helps, Sam makes the potion and prepares the incantation, saying Kevin didn’t know how long it will last, or if it will work. Dean takes the potion, not wanting Sam at risk. At first, he doesn’t notice anything different; but after a while he hears “Change the station” and notices that it’s not Sam talking. Dean looks at Chief and asks, “What did you say?” and Chief responds via mind-dialogue; “I said, change the station. You call this classic rock? Next thing you know, we’ll be listening to Styx.” Dean tells Sam the potion worked and begins to ask Chief if he knew who was causing it. Chief tells them that he recognized the guy who did it, but he couldn’t see what the guy did to the cats from his spot in the shelter.


Sam and Dean return to the shelter to question the other animals on what happened, when Dean realizes he can understand birds too ”“ after a bird picks a fight with him saying, “Bet your ride will look sweet in white!” causing Dean to brandish his gun and startling onlookers. Chief explains, “Animals speak a universal language.” Once inside the shelter, a Yorkshire terrier says he saw what happened and tells them that their guy was putting all the cats in a bag, “except for the one that he ate.” After getting the information, Dean’s empathy towards the dogs encourages him to set them all free.


Sam and Dean receive a lead that their guy works in a restaurant that doesn’t allow dogs and break in at night. While they’re looking around, Dean can hear animals asking them to help them because, “he going to eat us.” Upon hearing this, they discover animal organs in the refrigerator and a book on shamanism and put together that the person who is killing used shamanism to add animal abilities to his own.


Sam and Dean hear a noise and go to investigate; posing as health inspectors ”“ even though it’s late at night. And they close down the kitchen to catch the killer. When Sam and Dean split up, the killer appears and tries to kill Sam, but when he slashes at Sam’s throat, Ezekiel heals him before switching back into Sam-mode. When Sam turns back to face his pursuer, the man is shocked to see Sam’s wounds have healed.


After knocking Sam out, the killer overpowers and ties up Dean. Dean ponders why the man is committing these crimes when his dog senses sniff out an advanced stage of cancer. The killer applauds his dog-given talent and confides that he was dying, but doing the shamanistic rituals made him feel strong again. He tells Dean he hopes by eating Sam’s organs he’ll gain his healing abilities. As the Shaman decides how to kill Dean; Dean steadily breaks free of his bandages and runs outside. The killer chases after Dean, mocking his attempt at evading him when Dean whistles, and the dogs he set free come running to his rescue and kill the shaman.


When Sam comes to, he asks Dean what the killer meant when he said, “How did you do that?” and Dean explains the guy was crazy. The episode closes with Dean and Sam bringing Chief to the animal rights activists explaining that “the road is no place for a dog.” I have to say, I am ready for the main story line to return; and it looks like it’s happening this week with the return of Cas in the episode titled “Heaven Can’t Wait.” Until then, “Supernatural” fans!


Cliffside Malibu




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