TWC Acquires "The Hour Of Peril"
By Luis Cuevas
Aug 13, 2013 - 1:23:27 PM

HOLLYWOOD—The Weinstein Company announced that they have acquired the television rights to Daniel Stashower’s “The Hour Of Peril.” Stashower’s New York Times bestselling narrative, non-fiction book is being eyed by TWC to become a mini-series.


Brendan Deneen and Charles Spicer are attached to executive produce the project through MacMillan Films.

The Weinstein Company.


Minotaur Books published the book, which uncovers the true story of legendary detectives Allan Pinkerton and his most trusted operative Kate Warne, in February 2013. They raced to prevent a plot to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln before he could take the oath of office.

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