"The Office" Celebrates Valentine's Day
By Katherine Noland
Feb 8, 2013 - 3:42:57 PM

Photo courtesy of policymic.
—Throughout its lifespan of eight years and nine seasons, viewers of “The Office” have seen many holidays celebrated at Dunder Mifflin. Valentine’s Day is one where we can always count on any given office relationship to be the focal point of the episode created to cater to the timely nature of cupid’s birthday right around the corner.


The series’ very last V-Day has the office members celebrating their very last day without a manager in the Office as they pair off into fictional couples to get special discounts at the local nail salon. Much to everyone’s dismay, however, Andy makes a shocking return a day earlier than expected, doing what he considers a romantic gesture to surprise Erin who, in turn, wards him off with the intent to break up for his prolonged physical and emotional absence.


The preppy Cornell grad returns as a sun burnt wannabe hippie who tries to take credit for all of the work that was done throughout the past 3 months that he was gone for. The office gets especially heated after the quick realization that David Wallace was unaware of the manager’s whereabouts over the time frame of such high productivity, while Wallace believes Andy to the be source of such success.


The Nard Dog has gone through waves of likeability throughout the show, notably in Season 8 where he assumes the role as the new manager. I assume it is because writers wouldn’t want us having a negative reaction to someone taking over the position of the, oddly enough, highly respected Michael Scott. This past episode makes it very easy to side with everyone else but him, and especially easy to root for team Pete who just wants Erin to be happy. In that respect, the episode ends with a more finalized note that breaks the ongoing love triangle we have been trapped in with these characters.


Meanwhile, the show continues to tap into Jim and Pam’s funk after Jim finds out about Pam’s breakdown with sound guy Brian. The two set out to meet him for a double date lunch with him and his wife, only to find Brian alone. He later reveals that him and his wife are splitting and while in tears, makes a comparison to him and Pam’s confiding moment from a few episodes back. This takes Jim completely off guard, but at the very least, it gets the two to start confronting their issues. The Jim and Pam that viewers have come to love could only remain a flawless relationship for so long, shedding a realistic light on love and its infinite complexities.


All in all, an appropriately composed episode for the series’ last Hallmark holiday.


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