"The Office" Recap: "Lice"
By Katherine Noland
Jan 11, 2013 - 5:39:27 PM

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—As the series finale quickly approaches its end, “The Office” still has a fair number of unanswered questions that leave avid watchers wondering how the ninth and last season of the accredited NBC series will pan out.


In episode 9 of season 9, “Lice,” worn out Pam confesses to the cameramen that her daughter recently caught head lice at school, adding to her already hectic plate while Jim is in Philly making big business moves. As the critters soon spread, half of the office catches them and blame Meredith, the first known carrier. We all know Meredith is an easy target for accusation, and not just because she was the first head inspected and diagnosed as infected. Besides maybe Creed, who else are people likely to blame? While Meredith is under attack, Pam is reluctant to come forward with the truth. This inevitably ends badly for poor Pam, but luckily Meredith is quick to forgive over some beers and karaoke. Surprising? Not really.


While half the office is dealing with a big battle against little intruders, the other half posts up in the warehouse as to not get infected. Darryl has successfully gotten girlfriend Val to break up with him, with the elaborate plan of making her be the one to do it. However, milking sympathy from his co-workers for his “broken heart” proves not to be a wise decision as they convince Val to get back together with him, putting him back where he started in a relationship he no longer wants to be in. It seems that Darryl can never get things to go his way, despite sneaky and thought out schemes.


Angela is still clearly mad at Oscar for sleeping with her husband, The Senator. I’m sorry, “State” Senator. There is still an obvious attraction between Erin and new guy Pete. Is it just me, or is anyone else having deja vu? Something about the unspoken feelings between a receptionist and salesmen”¦. Pete even looks like Jim. While Pam struggles with keeping up at home and work, Jim’s sports marketing business in Philly is taking turns for the better.


Will the office’s staple couple move out of Scranton? After it is clear that Erin has recognized her feelings for Pete, will anything come of it while Andy is still on his boating expedition? Will Angela be able to move forward and forgive Oscar for recent infidelities? With limited episodes left, we shall wait and see.

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