"The Office" Recap: "Moving On"
By Katherine Noland
Feb 16, 2013 - 2:45:40 PM

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—A lot is happening in Scranton as “The Office” is nearing its end. Jim helps Pam land an interview for a job in Philly, which leads to an uncomfortable conversation between the two about the elephant in the room, that being Philly itself. Meanwhile, Andy goes off the deep end while dealing with the recent breakup between him and Erin.


After interviewing for what she thought was an office manager position, Pam learns that she would essentially assume the role as a receptionist, a role she has prided herself in moving on from years ago. The boss who interviewed her had an uncannily resemblance of Michael, fully equipped with lame jokes and over the top banter with his employees who, much like at Dunder Mifflin, try their best to ignore him. Though Pam appears excited about this at first, she comes to the ultimate conclusion that to go back in time is not what she wants.


Though Jim and Pam have gone through their waves of ups and downs this season, Pam comes clean about her thoughts on Philly, which puts everything on the table. The two clash on the topic of where their life is heading, as Pam states she is happy with the way things are in Scranton despite Jim’s growing business outside of it. In terms of how the series will end, viewers continue to wonder whether we will have closure with Scranton as both the characters and ourselves prepare to move onward.


Dwight reaches out to Angela by asking her to help with his sick aunt. Though she initially refused, it wasn’t hard to get her to commit to the job.


As he watches her loving care for his family member, showing a more motherly side of her that we rarely get to see, he begs to have her back. He poses the ultimate question of ”˜why are they not together?’ I think its something everyone has validly wondered over the course of nine seasons. It never made sense that these two characters who are both just weird enough for each other, sharing the same traditional and yet crazy values and expectations of the world, are not together, at least never publicly.


The show has made somewhat of a pattern out of discretionary relationships; from Jim and Pam, to Dwight and Angela, and now Pete and Erin. While Andy wallows in self-pity after Erin dumps him, she and Pete decide to keep their dating under wraps, which Erin admits is “kinda hot.” And let’s be honest, I think even viewers do get a kick out of watching characters “sneak around,” for lack of a better phrase.


Via snooping through her phone, the cat flies out of the bag with Andy’s over the top reaction and a very vocal feeling of betrayal. This is not the first time he has suffered from the demise of an office relationship, and it is also not the first time he has lost someone to another man. However, this time around, it feels deserved, as Pete boldly states what is on everyone else’s mind, “you were gone for 3 months.” It’s plain and simple.


Despite its nature of dry humor and character-focused storytelling, the show has succeeded tremendously at keeping us on the edge of our seats in regard to how the show is going to leave us. Those with the same strong attachment to the Dunder Mifflin family would all agree the best way to depart is by having what is best happen for all of the crew, and what we believe is best will vary between fans.

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