"The Office" Recap: Episode 13/14
By Katherine Noland
Feb 2, 2013 - 9:10:27 AM

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—The underlying dilemmas that key characters face in the final season of “The Office” are underlying no longer, as Jim and Pam’s troubles in the home front worsen and Andy still remains absent, leaving Erin and Pete to advance their romantic relationship which office members finally speak on.


What is especially striking, speaking as a long time fan and one who has felt tremendously close to these characters, is when we witness the unexpected friendship between Pam and cameraman Brian. While breaking down in tears at the end of episode 13 after a heated conversation with Jim over the phone, the anonymous cameraman calls off shooting, yet we hear the audio of him consoling her in a way that reflected a relationship that felt far from just a professional one.


Greg Daniels' American rendition of the “The Office,” taking after the original series created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that aired in  Britain, provided a style of television storytelling that was not being done at the time but is now being used in a number of hit comedy series on networks like ABC and NBC. We are witnessing the dying out of sitcom humor in favor of dry humor and the unique style of off camera interviewing found in series like “The Office,” “Modern Family,” “Parks and Recreation,” “The League,” and many more. The questions remains, who is filming these people and documenting their lives? I’d have to argue that most would agree it does not matter, and to wonder is not the creator’s intent.


But when the unknown cameraman risks his job once, and loses it in Pam’s defense at the end of episode 14, his character that was hidden for 9 seasons now has everyone’s mind racing. Who is this guy? And other than the fact that the series is ending, making the timing perfect for the revealing of his character ON camera rather than existing in the unknown behind the scenes, where will the writers take us from here?


My assumption that Jim and Pam’s mild issues would stay small and smooth over have been proven drastically wrong.

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