Wicked Adam On 'Y&R' Is Very Lethal
By Tommy Garrett
Aug 22, 2011 - 9:11:51 PM

HOLLYWOOD—As the week begins, we are still left with the question Genoa City residents have been asking for two weeks now, as well as millions of viewers of the hit daytime series “The Young and the Restless.” Who killed Diane Jenkins? Today we take a look at the top suspect, Adam Newman. Is Adam too obvious? I say not! Anything and everything is possible in this murder mystery, and Adam is certainly looking pretty guilty to me. Perhaps it’s because Adam is always guilty of doing something sketchy? Whatever it is, he had motive and opportunity, and here’s why!

Adam Has More Tricks Than The Wizard Of Oz

Adam may not have poison ivy on his arm like Tucker does, or the missing shoes that Victor has, or Jack’s missing Harvard ring that son Kyle hid from the Genoa City police. Phyllis is walking on the wild side with Deacon, while Ashley and Nick are closer than ever and both receiving strange messages from someone who knows of their involvement with Diane the night she was murdered. However, Adam plotted with Diane to stage a fake murder in order to frame his father Victor. Did Adam take his plan a bit too far? It would certainly not be the first time Adam was seen as a murder. During a masquerade ball at the GCAC, a dead body presumed to be Adam’s was pulled from the fire that was set at the famed hotel in Genoa City. It was, however, a man Adam had donated bone marrow to save years earlier, and there are still questions in viewers’ minds about the idea that Adam got away with that innocent man’s murder.

Then we all remember how he helped Sharon escape from custody when she was being convicted of Skye’s murder, only to find evidence that she was innocent and in a jealous rage. He either hid or destroyed the camera’s memory card that proved Sharon was in fact trying to save Skye’s life.

Adam is a charming man, but he’s the Genoa City degenerate, who seems to stay one step ahead of the law all of the time. It was, after all, his plot to get Diane to go in the ambulance ride with Victor in order to make it look like Victor had a stroke and died, when Diane was actually the passenger in the ambulance faking a miscarriage, only to send Newman stock downward so that Adam could buy up his father’s company and place himself in the cat bird seat on the Newman board of directors.

Adam also caused his stepmother Ashley’s miscarriage one night when they were in the Newman mansion alone, and he was trying to maliciously gaslight her into thinking she was insane so that she would depend on him and not trust her husband. Adam does everything for revenge against his father, Victor Newman. He has recently turned on the woman he once claimed was the love of his life, Sharon. It was bad enough that Adam previously kidnapped Sharon’s infant daughter and told her that Faith was born dead. Adam, in fact, had a twisted plot to hand Faith over to Ashley, and convince Ashley that it was her own child. Adam is one of the most deranged villains in daytime TV, but still fans can’t hate him because he’s the son of Hope. His mom Hope was a beautiful earth angel, who would be ashamed of the man her son has turned out to be.

But the most important question in the minds of viewers of “Y&R” and of the Genoa City Police Department is whether Adam was the one who bludgeoned Diane to death. Was Diane’s reign of terror over everyone in town, even Adam himself, too much for him to put up with? Their plots over the past few weeks are a major motive for Adam to see an end to Ms. Jenkins. However, Ronan Malloy’s investigation continues! Tomorrow we look at two more suspects, and none of them seem to rise to the level Adam is currently at on the suspect list. Longtime “Y&R” viewer Dottie Shumaker in Virginia tells Canyon News, “I don’t know if Adam did it or not. But he sure did destroy himself to me and other fans when he turned on Sharon in her hour of need. This is one of the best mysteries I’ve ever seen on ”˜Y&R’ over the years. I can’t stop guessing who the murder is.”

Ding Dong, The Witch (Diane) Is Dead

Adam is played by handsome and talented actor Michael Muhney, who is nothing like the devious character he plays. The happily married family man is also involved with many local charities here in L.A., and he’s only guilty of driving his bosses to distraction on Twitter from time to time. It’s all in good fun, and he surely performs brilliantly as Adam Newman daily on the soap.

“Y&R” airs weekdays on CBS and is helmed by Bel Air beauty Maria Arena Bell, who is the daughter-in-law of co-creators Bill and Lee Phillip Bell.

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