Will "Walking Dead" Be Available?
By Kevin Ho
Oct 12, 2012 - 12:41:50 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Season three of The Walking Dead finally returns to AMC, but will you have AMC to watch it?


Attention DISH customers: AMC announced that DISH has dropped their network. You won’t be able to watch “The Walking Dead.” AMC also hosts other critically acclaimed and award winning shows including “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Hell on Wheels” as well. “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” have been nominated for Golden Globes. Mad Men won four Golden Globes.


Not only did DISH drop AMC, they also permanently dropped IFC, Sundance Channel and WE. If you’re into television and film, well thought out story lines, and excellent execution for your entertainment, you may want to voice a complaint to DISH or switch altogether. You can do so here: or call 855-2-DROP-DISH (855-237-6734) to seek an alternate TV provider who carries AMC and these other networks in your area. Luckily, every other cable, phone, and satellite company provides AMC.

Registry courtesy of "The Walking Dead" Facebook page.


According to, DISH’s decision to drop AMC and these other networks are due to an unrelated business dispute and attempt to gain leverage in an unrelated lawsuit.        


If you haven’t seen an episode of “The Walking Dead,” you still have a chance to catch up easily with on-demand services online or your local department store. Netflix has updated their Watch Instantly library and has recently added season two. This would be the most economical route with only a monthly subscription fee of $7.99. Amazon also has Instant Video of both seasons. Both seasons are also available for download through iTunes. You can also find a sneak peak, exclusive videos released at comic con, and more directly at


If you can’t get AMC on time for Sunday, you won’t have to miss the Season 3 Premiere. Register to watch a live stream here. This is for DISH customers only.

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