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Backstage With Legend Diana Trask, Exclusive
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Sep 25, 2011 - 11:19:14 AM

ST. MARYS, Ga.—Recently I caught up with my friend Diana Trask. The beautiful Aussie born singing sensation has a very distinguished career both in her home of Australia as well as a hit singing career in Nashville, Tennessee. And recently Diana hit the studio and recorded again. However, when I recently spoke with the beauty, she wanted to discuss the community theatre in St. Marys, Georgia where she now spends her time. And for the first time, Trask has performed behind the scenes. Yes, this time as the stage manager.

Diana Trask in 'Man La Mancha' with Whitney Sanero and T.J. Stofflet

Diana recently released a compilation album, and it’s the best work she’s done yet. We all know by now, that’s saying a lot. New Jersey reader John O’Dowd tells Canyon News, “My mom absolutely loved Ms. Trask’s singing. She bought all of her albums and listened to her on the radio for years.”

Diana made her first recording on the W&G label “Comes Love” with Tommy Davidson and his Orchestra. Diana was rehearsing “My Funny Valentine” when Frank Sinatra and his manager came into the room. Though she had many brushes with famous people, she always remained humble and grateful to her fans and her home community of Melbourne, Australia. However, back to her new love, the stage, Diana tells Canyon News, “All of the kids were so great. We wish you could have been here. The play that was performed was ”˜Man of La Mancha.’ Aldonza was played by Whitney Sanzero. She could open on Broadway tomorrow. She’s such a real talent, with a magnificent operatic voice. Sancho was played by T.J. Stofflet. T.J. does a good job with lots of personality in the show. We opened at Theatre by the Trax,” which is a venue that is an abandoned railroad repair station, which the community has transformed in about a month to a bustling theatre. It was truly a tremendous effort for this little community of St. Marys.”

Trask went on about the entire cast of the play. She’s so proud of the togetherness the community embodies, and if she can’t be home in Australia, this town is definitely her American home. The dual citizen loves the U.S. South and raves about her new community. “I love it here, Tommy. On opening night, we had a standing ovation and a sold out run. Also, you would have loved the costumes. Our costume designer is Kari Rohlwing. She is just a young lass out of school. She did a noteworthy job, and I expect great things from her in the future. When God handed out talent, he passed it out in huge loads to these young people,” said Trask.

Diana is also extremely talented, and she laughed when I asked her why she chose to be stage manager. “Because I love these people, and yes, this was my first experience as stage manager. I will personally kiss on the lips all the stage managers I have ever worked for in my career. What a huge job. I want to take a moment to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who make us all look so good. Thank you,” said Diana. Concluding. “All I can ay is thank God for herbs and natural life. I could never have done all of this work without them.”

Diana is a trained herbalist in the region, and is often called upon for advice from locals, who battle everything from sinusitis to allergies and insomnia. Diana’s cousin Kevin Trask, who hosts “High Noon” every weekend on Melbourne’s 96.5 Inner FM, cannot say enough great things about his relative. “Diana is a true beauty, a truly special person and she got most of the beauty and talent in our family. She is one of a kind,” said Kevin Trask. I cannot agree more.

Diana’s story is chronicled in her biography titled “Whatever Happened to Diana Trask.” The book is available on Her latest CDs are “Country Lovin” and “Diana Trask-Duets,” which are available on and on iTunes.

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