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"Surf The Musical" With The Beach Boys
By Cassie Day
Jul 9, 2012 - 10:45:34 AM

"Surf the Musical."

LOS ANGELESBeing born and raised in Southern California means there are two aspects to life that are undeniable: spending all summer down at the beach, and having a dad who plays the Beach Boys tunes. When I heard there would be a musical portraying both, I couldn’t be more excited and so it is that the waves of California’s beaches have rocked the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino with Tony award-nominated director Kristin Hanggi’s new musical number, “Surf the Musical.”


Hanggi’s inspiration comes from her own past experiences and a desire to touch the hearts of all surfing, sun-soaking, Beach Boys fans. This romantic comedy is set in the '60s on the sunny coast of California where summer love is sure to make its mark on all young hearts. Marshal Kennedy Carolan and Lauren Zakri lead the bubbly energetic cast in the jukebox musical everyone, especially Californians, can relate to.


Grammy award-winning music producer Frank Fillipetti will have audiences singing along with the familiar songs of the Beach Boys while viewing the talented choreography of RJ Durell and Nick Florez. “Surf the Musical” will have everyone strapping down surfboards, jamming Beach Boys, and heading for the coast.

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