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Moab, Utah: Sunflower Hill Inn
By Winter Brooke
Oct 1, 2003 - 11:23:00 PM

MOAB, UTAHAfter two years, we have finally taken readers' advice and have started a Travel Series. Canyon News Travelers (Christoph Brown, Mahsa Dardashti and Winter Brooke) have traveled to special quaint towns to cover locations that we feel you would enjoy and otherwise not read about. We are mostly aimed at covering places that will accommodate the needs of people, whether you are a secretary, or a celebrity. We know you value your vacation time and so you don't waste your time, we will risk wasting our time, to test out these places and bring to you only the BEST places for your needs.

Sunflower Hill Inn is Canyon News' top choice Bed and Breakfast located just south of the I-70, tucked away in the cutest quaint town with lots of happenings and everything you need to have the most relaxing, yet exciting time.

Sunflower Hill Inn was founded in 1989 by Richard and Marjorie Stucki. Richard was known as the 'muffin man of Moab' as he developed the best recipes for muffins while they owned and operated a lunch deli prior to the Inn. Their son, Gregg Stucki has continued the muffin and excellent bakery recipe traditions at the Inn. (The food is out of this world!) He acts as general manager and makes sure all the guests are feeling at home and satisfied.

There is no shortage of beauty and activities at Sunflower Hill Inn. The grounds are impeccable and garden-like. A short walk up the street, and you can enjoy the most delicious view of Utah. Another walk down the street, you find the main town allowing you plenty of choices of dining, drinking, shopping and even internet cafes. Sunflower Hill Inn is also just minutes from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, famous Slick Rock biking trails and the Colorado River.

Quaint and cozy rooms such as this one.
We enjoyed a nice visit to the hot tub, surrounded with the most relaxing atmosphere of trees and bushes. Nothing was found to be less than in perfect shape. Every detail of the Inn was complete and perfect. Gregg Stucki's sister, Robyn Officer, is an artist and they are lucky to have had her spend quite a few artistic hours there. The rooms had a fancy detail like no other place I've ever seen.

By midnight, we were completely in love and spoiled and ready to move to Moab, Utah. By morning, the breakfast, which was held over because we slept in, made us certain that our moms are not the best cooks. It felt like grandma's house. The second breakfast we were about to miss because we had to get back on the road, was packaged as a 'box breakfast'. They had it delivered to our room as we were packing to leave. A great fancy boxed breakfast. You can't get more accommodating than that!

 Besides breakfast, Sunflower Hill Inn also provides a computer room with a phone line for internet access, evening refreshment, and use of all amenities including an outdoor hot tub, Great Room with adventure library, bike storage and BBQ. Guest laundry facility and off-street parking are also available.

Sunflower Hill Inn gets a 10+ ranking with Canyon News' travelers. The entire family was there to greet us from the granddaughter to the grandfather, and they were never intrusive, yet accommodating at all times. Highly recommended for people of celebrity status because even if you're J.Lo, you will get your privacy here!

Sunflower Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn is located at 185 North 300 East, Moab, Utah 84532. Contact them at (800) MOAB SUN

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