Truth Conquers
Face It Or Not, We Are At War, And We Should Act Like It
By Dave Tirsch
May 21, 2004 - 10:28:00 AM

Anti-War movements in the 1930s were extremely effective and kept the United States out of World War II.  The America First faction was very powerful and said that as much as we may be worried about Germany and Japan and their threat to the United States, this is not our war and we shouldn't get involved.  It effectively paralyzed American diplomacy (even through the fall of France), and significantly inhibited American moves right up to Pearl Harbor.


The bombing of Pearl Harbor forced the Anti-War movement's hand and marked the beginning of our involvement in the war that (we thought) would end all wars- World War II.


Once we entered the war, Americans unified and rallied behind the effort.  Ask any of your male relatives from the WWII era that were at draft age, and they'll tell you that they proudly signed up for military duty.  If they were women, they knitted afghans and socks for the soldiers, planted victory gardens, and took over the jobs of our fighting men.  If they were children, they hunted the streets for every piece of scrap metal, every old rubber tire they could find, and all the cooking oil their mothers could spare, as these materials were scarce and badly needed for military equipment and ammunition.  If they were older folks or celebrities, they promoted and bought War Stamps and Bonds.  Americans knew we were at war, and our way of life depended on us winning.


It was our grandfathers, grandmothers, parents, uncles and aunts of the World War II generation that gave their lives so their children and their families (all of us) could live in peace.  It worked for 55 years- up until 9/11.


If you have been in denial, it is time you come to grips with the fact that there is an entire network of thousands and thousands of terrorists hiding throughout the world that are heavily financed and secretly supported by governments that are plotting every day to kill you, your family and all of your friends and neighbors.  I know, it is a lot easier to enjoy speed dating, American Idol and In-n-Out burgers than it is to acknowledge this sobering fact, but I would like this to be your wake up call.  If this isn't, maybe the beheading of an innocent American (Nick Berg) by a man who would love to do the same to you will be.


We are now at the point where it doesn't matter if you think this war is all about oil, or if we are really the ones to blame for them hating us.  This has turned into a war for our survival.  There is no looking back and the only thing that criticizing the war effort accomplishes is to lower soldier morale.  Unlike Vietnam, where we could simply walk away with our tail between our legs, our country will be destroyed if we walk away from our War on Terrorism.


Your country needs your support, which means for some of us putting our political ideologies aside for the time being.  If we lose the drive to finish this war, our enemies will be emboldened and terrorism will dominate our planet.  Support our troops in every way you can, as your support to them is their lifeblood, and their success is yours.

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