Truth Conquers
Give The People What They Want To Hear
By David Tirsch
Jul 16, 2004 - 1:45:00 PM

It seems to me that there is a major gap between what forms of communication resonate with people in small towns versus big cities.  It may sound like a blanket statement, but I'll prove my point by referencing something that we are all trying to forget, the 2000 Bush vs. Gore presidential election.  As we all know, Gore won the popular vote, but what you may not know is that Bush won four times the amount of counties throughout the United States (2436 supported Bush versus 676 counties for Gore).  This shows that the counties with larger populations (like Los Angeles) supported Gore, while the smaller towns supported Bush.  Is there a difference in values between bigger cities and small towns?  Most likely, but there has to be more to it.  I believe that us Angelinos and people in other larger populated cities process information differently than small town folks process information.


In the big cities, we are constantly bombarded with things to do and ideas competing for our attention from every direction.  For example, we have movie complexes, theatres, museums, the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, beaches, Palm Springs, Big Bear mountain and Vega$ only a few hours away, while in small towns they have High School football, Pie eating contests, and High School football.


Because of this, there are very few ways to get us city folks to pay attention to one single concept.  This has driven our local news, activists and someone like Al Gore, to try and grab our attention by either scaring us (i.e. you are at risk of getting cancer if you don't watch the 11 o'clock news), make us live in fear (i.e. if you don't wear a condom, you will get AIDS), or exaggerate claims (i.e. if you don't vote for me, the other side will destroy everything you believe in).  Conversely, in small towns, other than being curious as to who is going to win the pie-eating contest, there is far less external stimulation to cloud the brain.  Because of this, simple talk seems to resonate with them, which is why someone like President Bush seems to relate with the smaller town folk.


This is my secret formula for success for either political party.  Give us city dwellers the extremes, and keep it simple in the small towns.  When someone talks simple in Los Angeles he is considered a moron, while if someone speaks through extremities in a smaller town he is considered out of touch.  Oil and water don't mix so why should all people and all forms of expression.

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