Truth Conquers
Second Opinions Aren't Just For Medical Conditions Anymore
By David Tirsch
Aug 27, 2004 - 12:17:00 AM

I am not trouble shooter Judd McIlvain exposing valet parking attendants taking your loose change from your center console, nor am I Michael Moore standing up against General Motors and their downsizing.  What I am is a man who has experienced a few frustrating consumer incidences, and I want to pass on the lessons I learned to protect you and your pocket book.


Usually, consumer advocates wait until the end of their television specials to give you the moral of their stories.  Although sponsors love it, I have always hated the drawn out storytelling.  Because of this, I am going to tell you right from the start what I want to warn you about based on two incidents that recently happened to me; whenever an auto mechanic tells you that you need work done on your car, get a second opinion. Here is my story. I am not going to expose the guilty party, but I will say that many of us regularly use this warehouse to purchase bulk goods, and in the past, I have used it for its affordable tire center.  A few weeks back I had a flat tire, and used that spray can stuff you can fill your tire with to temporarily fix the flat until you can get it to a tire center for repair.  I brought it to this particular tire center and was told that once I put this spray stuff into the tire, I destroyed the tire, and that I would have to purchase a brand new $180 tire.  Ugh!  I decided to take it to another tire center to get a second opinion.  Once I did, the second tire center said it would be no problem, and fixed my tire for $10!


The second time I had a problem was last weekend (which forced me to write this article), and it occurred at the same establishment, but at a different location.  I had a screw in my tire, and took it to the tire shop.  I was told the screw was in a place within the tire that couldn't be fixed and I would need a new $180 tire.  Well, learning from my past experience, I took it to another tire center, they said the screw was not a problem and for $14 it was fixed!


Is this some sort of company policy to try to get more tire sales?  It isn't my job here to care.  It is my job to show you that you should not completely trust "experts" in fields that you don't know about.  You can usually get a free inspection of your car, and a second opinion can help you save a lot of money.

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