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Political Energy Thieves And How to Stop Them
Posted by David Tirsch on Nov 28, 2004 - 7:08:00 PM

Some people would tell you the largest waste of energy is the thousands of gallons of oil spilled into innocent oceans.  My father-in-law would tell you that the largest waste of energy is when I leave the lights on in every room I go into.  I've always thought the largest waste of energy is being at the gym lifting a barbell up and down until you can't lift anymore.  But now, I have realized that without a doubt, the hands down winner of the largest waste of energy was the intense energy we all have wasted on this past presidential election. All of us have spent way too much time watching cable news, being told exaggerations by liberal and conservative columnists on why we need to hate the other side, and watching Michael Moore get richer every time he convinces someone that Bush is the devil.  It is time to take our lives back from the politicians and talking heads that make their living by making us enraged.


It is time to wake up.  I've witnessed (and been apart of) too many protests, too many yelling matches, too many people acting as if the election was the equivalent of taking their entire life savings and betting it on black.  What has the anger and rage gotten us?  Absolutely nothing!  George W. Bush was elected as our 43rd president.  Period.  There have been 42 other presidents (a mix of democrats and republicans) leading us during wars, civil rights fights, and other important eras and we have become stronger and better every time.

While we were committing our lives to eating, drinking, sleeping and breathing politics, who did all the uneducated adults have to help them make a better life for their families?  Who was giving the extra help to all the children who can't read and spell?  Who was scrubbing off graffiti on the walls?  Where were the rescuers to save all the animals who were being neglected?  You could have been helping them, and actually made a real difference.  It is time to take back our power and help our communities.


I am declaring a challenge to all of us.  Instead of going to an anti-Bush march, why don't you teach a minimum wage adult or senior to become computer literate; instead of listening to talk radio, listen to a young child who has no one to listen to them; instead of spreading literature about how big brother is watching, become a big brother.


It is time to make a difference in someone's life instead of being minions of rich politicians that could care less about us.  For the remainder of my article, I am going to provide a few numbers for organizations that desperately need people like you to commit their passion: 

Food on Foot (310)442-0088
Every week, volunteers from around the city gather and help hand out food and clothing. 

Bill Foundation (310) 860-0171

Become a Foster Parent to a Homeless Dog  

Peace Corps (800) 424-8580

Counsel teenagers in Belize.  Launch an Armenian computer center.  Join the Peace Corps.    

Here are ways you can support our troops:
Find a charity in your area that you can donate your time and "energy" to: 

Helping others is the secret ingredient to being happy.  Don't let politicians control your energy anymore.  It is time to let the wonderful side of you blossom.  Don't demand a recount, count your blessings.


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.