Truth Conquers
Paradise In L.A.?
By David Tirsch
Feb 13, 2005 - 7:46:00 PM


I've had it up to here with the smog, meals on the go and being forced to fit 20 hours of work into a 10-hour workday, so next week I am headed to Hawaii.  I can't wait to be immersed in the hot sun, the cool breeze, the beach, bathing suits, margaritas, sunglasses, fun music, the works.  Doesn't that sound great to you?  Why can't our everyday lives be as great and relaxing as a vacation?  Why can't our daily lives be a vacation? 


Whenever I get off the plane in Hawaii I find myself jealous of the locals that actually live in paradise.  Hawaiians never need to schedule a massage and probably don't even know what a paraffin bath is.  They don't need a glass of wine to relax after a day of work.  They don't know what it is like finding themselves in Orange County at 4:30 p.m. and hoping to get home to Studio City by 7:00 p.m.  Hawaiians see us getting off airplanes looking older than we should, and when they see us a week later looking 10 years younger they have to get baffled as we masochistically head back to the same airplanes to take us back to the places that took the life out of us.

I have seriously considered packing my bags and moving to Hawaii.  But I had to first ask, Is there any way that we can bring Hawaii to us?


Nobody has invented a vacation in a box as of yet, or a non-drug-induced holographic adventure where we can put on glasses and escape in the comfort of our own homes so we give ourselves synthetic little teasers to take the place of a vacation.  They are called alcoholic drinks.


I know we are in trouble because a friend called me TODAY (which inspired this article) and was more excited than I have ever seen him due to an amazing discovery he recently made.  He has a very stressful job.  He told me that a week ago, after working in the same office for over 10 years, he realized for the first time that the sunset is beautiful from his office window!   After 10 years!  You know, we do have paradise all around us, and we don't have the time or the ability to get out of our hypnotized lives to even realize it. 


My friend has committed to watch the sunset nightly from his office window, and he will be more at peace because of it.  We all need to stop and enjoy something wonderful every day.  Doing so won't put Hawaiian airlines out of business, but it will sure make you happier, and you will look at least five years younger!  Hey, it's a start!

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