Truth Conquers
Say It Even When You Don't Want To!
By David Tirsch
Jul 3, 2005 - 7:24:00 PM

I was at Urth Caf last night with a Greek friend of mine.  While we were eating, he received a phone call from his parents who live in Greece.  They pestered him to drop the life he has built in the States and move back home to Greece.  As he was talking, I noticed that he spoke with a level of irreverence and frustration (apparently they call him quite often with "moving back to Greece" being the major theme of their calls).  After my friend got off the phone, he began ranting and spewing venom regarding his parents.  I reminded him how lucky he is.  That there are millions of people who would give their left arm to have just one parent who cared so much about them and wanted to be involved in their lives.  He immediately stopped ranting.  People need to start appreciating what they have. Otherwise, they may only appreciate it when it is too late.


Has your hot water at your home ever been shut off for a few days?  Do you remember the shivering torture of taking a cold shower?  The only nice thing about being forced to take ice cold showers is the joy of taking the first nice hot shower afterwards, Aaaaaaaaah.  You don't know how much you appreciate something until it is gone.  That same principle applies to people you love very much.  How much would you give to get a second chance with loved ones who have died?  The gas company can repair leaks or turn the gas back on after you (finally) pay your bill, but once someone passes away, you can't bring them back.


Doesn't it seem that once a loved one dies, we would give anything to have five minutes to tell them how much they meant to us?  Why is it so hard to tell people how we feel about them while they are still alive?!?  I'm gonna have my Tony Robbins moment and say that if you've ever had the guts to ask someone out on a date or to drive on L.A.'s gun-infested freeways, why not have the guts to call someone and tell them how important they are to you?  I know it is much easier said than done and if it were that easy, the self-help industry would be put out of business!


In reality, we get caught up with all the stupid things in life such as what our president is secretly scheming or what Lindsay Lohan isn't eating.  When either of these public figures is long gone, are you going to regret not telling them how much you loved them?  It's time to start focusing your attention on your own heart and the hearts of your loved ones.  Hell, instead of grabbing a political magazine, go grab a loved one, throw "Rawhide" on the player and do-si-do in the middle of the family room!  Afterwards tell them why they are important to you.  When you are done reading this, go call your mom and tell her not just that you love her, but that you appreciate her.   Consider this article a free pass for your lack of expression until now.  Even better, don't finish this article "stop reading and call now." Stop reading I said!


This article is dedicated to a good friend, Todd, who recently died of a sudden heart attack in his sleep.  Get your heart checked regularly so you have more chances to show everyone how much they're appreciated.

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