Vi's Corner
By Vi Logan
Jun 21, 2012 - 8:27:40 AM

My name is "Caroline", and, believe it or not, I was left all alone in a vacant apartment.  Lucky for me, a very nice lady found me.  She took me home and gave me a nice warm bath.  It felt so good to be clean again!  She could tell that I wasn't one bit aggressive, so she even let me sleep next to her in bed!  That was sure a treat!  I'm only about twenty-five pounds, so I didn't take up too much room!
I love to play, so we had a fun playtime together.  We took some walks, and that gave me a chance to show her what great leash manners I have.  I even showed her that I was housebroken!  I thought for sure that I made a great impression on her, and that I had found a new home.
Then came the heartbreaking part for me - and, for her, too.  She told me that she was just visiting from New York, and, unfortunately, couldn't take me back with her.  However, she said that she wouldn't abandon me, like someone had done before.  So, she brought me here, to the Friends of Animals Foundation, where I was promised that a loving, forever home would be found for me. 
So, if I sound like the one for you, and if you like the looks of my smiling face and the tuft of hair that stands straight up on the top of my head,  I hope that you will call to make an appointment to see me.  However, if you would like a smaller dog or bigger dog, or not a dog at all, but a cute kitty cat or kitten, you can check the website at:,  where you will see all of my friends that are here with me.  Won't you please call?  We'd love to meet you!
                                                                                              FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089

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