Vi's Corner
By Vi Logan
Jun 8, 2012 - 9:46:24 AM

My name is "Melody", and I guess that you've noticed that I have two different colored eyes.  Seeing that I'm an Australian Shepherd, or "Aussie" for short, that's quite normal, and makes us definite conversation starters!
I'm just a puppy, a little over two months old.  While I'm a cuddly little girl now, I want you to know that I can grow to weigh between forty and fifty-five pounds!  I'm not the type to be a couch potato, by any means.  I have a lot of energy, and will have lots more as I get older.  So, not only would I like a nice yard where I can run and play, but someone to take me on long walks every day.  If you like to run or jog, that would really make my day!  So, you see, I will need lots of exercise when I get a little older, or I'll become bored - and I'm sure that I don't have to tell you what boredom can lead to, do I? 
I'll be a very good watch dog, and I'll be loyal, protective, eager to please, and very affectionate.  I've heard that Aussie's are very intelligent, so, that means that I'll be a fast learner and easy to train, too.
I bet that you thought that Australian Shepherds were from Australia, didn't you? Well, we're not.  We got our name because some of us were used to herd Australian sheep on ranches.  So, now you know.  
I would really like you to see the unusual markings on my body. So, please check me out on the website, which is:  Then, too, in case you're not up to training a pup like me, or would really like to have a couch potato - be it a dog or kitty cat -  you can see all of my friends that are with me here.  Then, I hope that you will call to see them and me! 
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