Vi's Corner
Vi's Corner: "Zoey"
By Vi Logan
Jun 29, 2013 - 3:36:41 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, my name is "Zoey", and am I ever happy to be here talking to you. You see, I was tossed out into the street and just missed getting hit by a car. Boy, was I ever scared! I was so very lucky that a nice couple saw the whole thing and scooped me up just in the nick of time.


I don't know why anyone would throw little ones like us in the middle of danger. Unfortunately, it happens more than I care to say. If we're not wanted, why don't they just take us to an animal rescue or shelter, where we will have a chance at finding another home where we will be wanted and loved?



I'm not any trouble at all, really, I'm not. I'm a little girl about two years old and I would love to snuggle on your lap. I'm not one bit aggressive. I don't guard my food or toys or bed. I'll gladly share everything with you. I love going for walks, too. I'm just an around good girl. And, I'm pretty cute, too, don't you think?


I hope that you'll come to see me, and who knows what might develop! You can see all of my doggy and kitty friends that I have here if you look on the website, which is: We're all waiting to go to a loving home. So, won't you call to see us?



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