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Afghan Police Woman Shoots Civilian
By Robert Meyers
Dec 24, 2012 - 3:55:14 PM

KABUL—On Monday, December 24 at 10:15 a.m. local time,  a member of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was walking in a heavily guarded police chief’s compound in Kabul when an Afghan woman in police uniform drew her pistol and shot once, killing him.  It appears to be the first recorded attack by a female member of the Afghan police forces.
Kabul is Afghanistan's Capitol City

The shooter is a member of the Afghan police’s gender equality team and is currently in custody and undergoing interrogation, according to officials. 

There are two conflicting reports regarding the identity of the victim.

According to a spokesman for the ISAF, the victim was a U.S. Police Advisor, however, a later statement said the victim was a “contracted civilian employee.”

Mhoammad Zahir, Head of the Police criminal investigation department said the incident was an “insider attack,” where Afghan forces turn their weapons on Western Troops they are supposed to working with. 

These insider incidents, also known as green-on-blue attacks, have fermented an air of distrust between coalition and Afghan forces, both of whom are undergoing mounting pressure to contain the insurgency before the majority of NATO combat troops withdraw in 2014.

Insider attacks account for one fifth of the overall combat deaths of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, and 16 percent of U.S. combat casualties, according to data collected in 2012.

In February, two American officers were shot dead at the interior ministry, after waves of anger and outcry erupted over the burning of copies of the Koran at a NATO base.

NATO is only attributing a quarter of the overall insider attacks to the Taliban, while the majority is attributed to misunderstanding and personal grievances.

Whether the attack was a personal grievance or part of the insurgency is unclear at this time.

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