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CASEY v. RITCHARD: Australian Bully Update
By Amy Oppenheim
Mar 20, 2011 - 11:50:38 PM

AUSTRALIA—An Australian high school student has become an internet sensation after being caught on film fighting back against a bully and body slamming him into the ground.


Casey Heynes
In the video, 16-year-old Casey Heynes is punched in the face several times by a younger and smaller boy named Ritchard. After several seconds of being hit, Heynes body slams his harasser into the ground, causing Ritchard to limp away off camera.


Both boys attend Chifley College, Dunheved Campus at North St. Mary's, and were suspended for four days following the altercation. The fight went viral shortly after being posted online, and has caused a surge of approval for Australia’s new “hero,” according to YouTube. Additionally, the Facebook page, “Casey Heynes ”“ Public Figure,” was created and has generated over 97,000 “likes” and thousands of posts.


One of the numerous responses to this video includes a Taiwanese animation titled “Casey the Punisher,” which glorifies Heynes’s decision to fight back against his bully.


The New South Wales Department of Education and Training has released information regarding the alleged bully’s injury following the on-camera fight, which was a fractured knee. There is also an investigation into whether or not either of the boys will face criminal charges for this fight.


The video has since caused an even larger surge of reactions, as both boys’ families have attempted to censor the video by working with YouTube and other broadcasting websites to remove it from the Internet.


This is not the first video recorded of Heynes being attacked, but is the first and only video of him fighting back, which has caused the incident to make international headlines.


Read the transcript of the video below for the details of what transpired.


CASEY v. RITCHARD fight video transcript:

Ritchard: I heard you were talking sh*t.


Casey: Huh?


Ritchard: Heard ya been talkin' sh*t.


Casey: I wasn't even talking to ya.


Ritchard punches Casey in the face.


Onlooker: He's laughin' at ya!


Ritchard tries to land another face punch. Casey deflects it. Ritchard punches Casey a few times in the gut, and dances around while laughing.


Camera Boy: Go, Ritchard, go. This is gettin' sad, brah. Hey guys, just keep recordin', keep recordin'. [Girl walks up in background] Look at that, who's that in the background?


Onlooker 2: F*ck off, ya fat c*nt.


Casey grabs and then body slams Ritchard.


Camera Boy: Oh sh*t ...


Onlooker 2 to Casey: F*ck you ... (indecipherable cursing)


Casey walks away.


Girl to Onlooker 2: I think you better back off and leave him because he's going to do that to you ...


Ritchard limps around.


Onlookers to Ritchard: You all right?



Watch the video here:

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