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Eman al-Obeidy Update: No Longer Missing
By Amy Oppenheim
Apr 5, 2011 - 10:02:42 AM

Eman al-Obeidy, from YouTube
LIBYA—Eman Al-Obeidy, the alleged rape victim in Libya who has been missing since she first told reporters she was raped and tortured, has finally been released from government custody.

Al-Obeidy is no longer being held by the government, but she says she still fears for her life. When al-Obeidy ran into a hotel in Tripoli on March 26 to tell journalists she was beaten and raped by Gadhafi’s soldiers for being a part of the rebel forces, she was escorted away from the premises by government officials and was not seen again until April 4.

During the time in which al-Obeidy was missing, her family insisted that they had not heard from her and that she was still in Gadhafi’s custody, but government officials maintained that they did not know her whereabouts and that she was most likely in a women’s shelter.

When al-Obeidy returned from her absence and met with reporters in Tripoli, she attested to being held by Gadhafi’s forces for days after being taken away from the hotel on March 26. She stated that during this time the government demanded she change her original story, saying that it was the rebel forces, rather than Gadhafi’s followers, who raped and tortured her.

During her captivity, al-Obeidy said that government officials poured water on her face and threw food at her during their questioning and attempt to persuade her to change her story.

Despite this alleged pressure to alter her tale, al-Obeidy remains true to her original story and is urging journalists to tell her account of what happened.

Al-Obeidy is currently not charged with any criminal offenses, despite the accused rapists’ earlier attempt to charge her with slander, but she nonetheless fears leaving her house because she says she is tormented by government officials whenever she goes outside.

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