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Numerous People Killed In Bus Accident
By Alex Mazariegos
Jul 29, 2013 - 2:38:59 PM

ITALY—A bus returning from a pilgrimage plunged off a bridge in Southern Italy on Sunday, July 28, causing the deaths of at least 38 individuals and seriously injuring nearly a dozen others, according to police officials.

The geographical location of the Naples-Bari motorway.


The accident occurred on the Naples-Bari motorway near the town of Avellino in the Campania Region.


According to the official story compiled by witnesses' accounts, the autobus appeared to be tumultuous as it barraged into slow-moving traffic on Sunday night. The larger vehicle ran into several others before smashing through a guard-rail on the motorway and plunging about 98 feet down a steep ravine.


Reports estimate that around 50 people, including children, were passengers on the bus. Thirty-six died immediately at the scene, and another died later while hospitalized. Another body was found underneath the bus when officials arrived on the scene. The nearly dozen injured were taken to hospitals in Avellino, Salerno and Nola.


A survivor of the crash reportedly saw the driver, who is among the dead, attempt to regain control of the vehicle, which may have become unruly after a tire puncture.


State officials plan to examine the driver's body as part of the investigation into the incident.


The passengers were returning from a pilgrimage to the town of Telese Torme and the nearby birthplace of Padre Pio in Pietrelcina.


Nearly 10 years ago a similar incident occurred in the Naples-Bari motorway, claiming six individuals and injuring 11 others. The motorway was closed following this recent accident.

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